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My Sunday Photo – week 7.

IMG_2961.JPGWhile I was aware of Photoshop and some of the things you could do with it, it wasn’t until I joined Instagram that I really started playing around with filters.

I’m still not sure whether it’s cheating or not.

That hasn’t stopped me from downloading Snapseed (after seeing the magical photos Mands created with it) but I think the skill is in knowing when you’ve edited enough. There’s something about this shot that I like but I think it was probably better two clicks previously.

Here’s the before.


Quite a difference.

Do you use any apps/editing software to tinker with your images? How do you know when is enough?

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36 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 7.”

  1. I like your edited version – it looks very spooky! I hardly edit my photos at all. I sometimes crop them a bit and I will pixellate faces or badges, but I rarely use any filters to change them.


  2. Oh my what a difference, I do like both pictures though. I was never sure if it was cheating too, but I edited mine today and I quite like it. I have yet to try special effects but you have inspired me to give it ago xx


  3. I really like the edit, it gives it a really spooky gothic feel. I use Snapseed and Pixlr_o_matic on my phone but for most of my pictures that I take on my SLR I use Lightroom and the associated Nik plugins and sometimes Photoshop



  4. It’s like a shot from an old horror movie! I only crop my photos and maybe blur out some faces. I also brighten them if the lighting has been bad, which it is mostly in Wales in the winter! #MySundayPhoto


  5. I’ll add a filter to a photo on Instagram, and occasionally tilt shift, but that’s about it! Back in law school, though, I did tons of photo editing while “studying” in the library on computer with all kinds of software.

    I don’t know what the top picture looked like before the last two steps, but I think it’s fascinating as is! (The horror lover in me wonders what’s behind that door.)


  6. I really think that editing is part of the process these days. If the composition is not very good in the first place then the whole thing falls flat anyway! I love your images 🙂 #MySundayPhoto


  7. I really love what you’ve done with this 🙂

    I have a few apps for playing with iphone snaps but I tend to just use Lightroom these days for proper photos. My favourite effect is still the Fractalius filter which can make everything look electrified. It is easy to, what I call, overcook an image, though. It also depends on what I want to use the photo for…some are for arty things so I can go as bonkers as I like and some are for memories which I prefer to be nearer to natural.


  8. Hi Tara, both images look good, but the filter makes the original look totally different, like a door leading into a haunted castle. I too have only recently started playing with filters, sometimes it works and sometimes it really doesn’t.

    I edit on PicMonkey (love it) or use InstaSquarer on my phone.



    1. Hi Deb, PicMonkey really is a lot of fun. I use Fotor too which is very similar. I haven’t heard of InstaSquarer. I’ll look it up. Thank you 🙂


  9. Knowing when your PP (post processing) is the right amount is an art-form that is just as hard as knowing when a painting is finished or not. As for if it is cheating or not? A very large amount of what can be done in PP can be achieved while taking the actual photo if you know the settings and / or have the right equipments. It is definitely not cheating in my book. To look at it another way, is it cheating to iron an outfit and take care which shoes and accessories go with it? Or is it just making the effort to have be the best it can be?


    1. Thanks, Stella, that’s a great way of looking at it. I think I just need to keep playing around with things and hopefully I will learn as I go – a bit like taking the actual photo.


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