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My Sunday Photo – week 6.

The curator’s office.

I call this: “When you go to a museum full of wonderful works of art and priceless artefacts but covet a typewriter”.

We had a wonderful hour or so at Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery last Sunday afternoon where the RSPB held a special event as part of the Big Garden Bird Watch.

Entry was only £2 per adult and as well as lots of fun activities (we dressed Freya as a dragonfly) you could also explore the rest of the castle. I love the castle but the usual price is £8.35 per adult (they do have discount schemes) and while I’m sure it’s more than worth it if you can stay all day Freya only really has an attention span of an hour or so at the moment which means it has to be a rare treat for us. It’s also why I jumped at the chance when I heard about the RSPB event. We went post nap at about 3pm and it was still extremely popular.

Floor tile in the entrance foyer.

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27 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 6.”

    1. Hi Rosie. It is a fantastic museum. I’ve been taking her since she was tiny and in a sling 🙂 I’ve just googled your castle, it looks impressive!


  1. I am so drawn to typewriters, I so wish I had my old one now, it was duck egg blue and would fab on my desk. I sounds a beautiful Museum x


  2. Oh wow this sounds and looks like a really interesting place, and what a bargain too! I really love the way typewriters look =)


  3. I had an Imperial typewriter which I’ve just googled and was probably made around 1962, so it was the same age as me. It was something I always wanted as a child. In the end when I was about 15 I bought it second-hand from a typewriter shop in Manchester. Around 1989 my husband lent it to someone and I never saw it again. Never forgiven him for that 😦


    1. Noooooo! I would be holding a grudge for that. I wish I’d kept mine. I don’t even know what happened to it. I’ll have to ask my mum. Imagine if they still have it in the loft!

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  4. I would be the same, I would love the typewriter too. I would have done the same when the girls were little, we would never have been able to make a whole day of it either xx


    1. It’s a shame they can’t do a special toddler price for two hours or something but I suppose it would be impossible to police it. I’ll keep looking out for events like this.


  5. I LOVE that big beetle thing in the background! I like the typewriter too, but the beetle caught my eye first 😉 Tom’s cousin has a really old one, looks great, there’s loads of antique shops around here that sell that kind of thing. Looks a really interesting day out and dressing up as a dragonfly sounds much more fun than a princess 😀


  6. Hi Tara, I love your first photo. The whole set up of the display would draw me in; the old typewriter, the big shrimp like creature displayed on the wall (rather odd, but interesting) and the old keys.

    £2.00 entry fee was a bargain and perfect when you have a little one in tow. I have noticed a lot went on in the UK over the weekend. I think it’s fantastic to raise awareness about wild birds and have fun with the children at the same time.



  7. I love older things like typewriters and old cameras. Often leads me to wonder who used them and whether they created anything wondrous with it. Thanks for sharing Tara ☺


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