If we were having coffee, I would throw open the front door and welcome you inside, ushering the way to the living room.

Once we were settled and you had the drink of your choice and a freshly baked gingerbread person, I would apologise for not making last week but tell you if I had to sum up the previous fortnight in one word it would be “productive”.

I’ve tackled all the little jobs that have been hanging around including finding Freya and I a new dentist (our old one is at the top of a steep staircase with no where to leave a buggy), signing Freya up for nursery which I’ve been putting off for months, calling in at the bank and starting work on sorting out an amazing present for my mum’s 70th (don’t tell her I told you that) birthday from my brother and I. 

Also, despite what I said previously about having a break from freelancing, a couple of jobs came in that I just couldn’t refuse. They are so perfect for me it was as if I conjured them myself. As soon as I accepted them, I felt happier, which is odd. You’d think adding work would make me more stressed but it felt like, whereas my equilibrium had been upset when I wasn’t writing, all was right with the world again now. 

Picture 556
When I first moved in, this is what it looked like.

I also, finally, decided to sort out the bathroom. We had a new white suite fitted when I was 36 weeks pregnant (the poor fitter had to plumb in the loo in record time) and because life has been a bit full on since, I haven’t had time to redecorate. I got as far as picking out new colours and creating a board on Pinterest (useful) but my dad kindly regrouted the base around the bath, which had gone mouldy, and as it was lovely and white again I was inspired to get to work.

I had forgotten how long everything takes though – especially now with a toddler keen to “help”. I painted the ceiling on Monday, gave the radiator a fresh coat of paint on Tuesday (during her nap) and a second coat on Wednesday (during her nap), painted the coving on Wednesday night and rolled the walls (Natural Hessian) on Thursday (while my mum was watching Freya). I’ve just got the skirting and door to do and then it’s finished.

We’ve bought a new white cabinet and, as I love the beach, I’ve indulged in a few items from Dunelm Mill’s beach hut collection as well as new towels (there goes my freelance money in one go!) I’ve got some more pictures to put up but here it is now:

I know it’s not going to set the design world on fire but I really like it, it’s very calming. I’m quite pleased I did it (mostly) all myself and I’m now wondering what room I should do next.

If we were having coffee, I would realise that I had talked non-stop since you arrived and I would take a breath and ask, so how have you been?



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