Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend coffee share – 3.


If we were having coffee, I would throw open the front door and welcome you inside, ushering the way to the living room.

Once we were settled and you had the drink of your choice and a freshly baked gingerbread person, I would apologise for not making last week but tell you if I had to sum up the previous fortnight in one word it would be “productive”.

I’ve tackled all the little jobs that have been hanging around including finding Freya and I a new dentist (our old one is at the top of a steep staircase with no where to leave a buggy), signing Freya up for nursery which I’ve been putting off for months, calling in at the bank and starting work on sorting out an amazing present for my mum’s 70th (don’t tell her I told you that) birthday from my brother and I. 

Also, despite what I said previously about having a break from freelancing, a couple of jobs came in that I just couldn’t refuse. They are so perfect for me it was as if I conjured them myself. As soon as I accepted them, I felt happier, which is odd. You’d think adding work would make me more stressed but it felt like, whereas my equilibrium had been upset when I wasn’t writing, all was right with the world again now. 

Picture 556
When I first moved in, this is what it looked like.

I also, finally, decided to sort out the bathroom. We had a new white suite fitted when I was 36 weeks pregnant (the poor fitter had to plumb in the loo in record time) and because life has been a bit full on since, I haven’t had time to redecorate. I got as far as picking out new colours and creating a board on Pinterest (useful) but my dad kindly regrouted the base around the bath, which had gone mouldy, and as it was lovely and white again I was inspired to get to work.

I had forgotten how long everything takes though – especially now with a toddler keen to “help”. I painted the ceiling on Monday, gave the radiator a fresh coat of paint on Tuesday (during her nap) and a second coat on Wednesday (during her nap), painted the coving on Wednesday night and rolled the walls (Natural Hessian) on Thursday (while my mum was watching Freya). I’ve just got the skirting and door to do and then it’s finished.

We’ve bought a new white cabinet and, as I love the beach, I’ve indulged in a few items from Dunelm Mill’s beach hut collection as well as new towels (there goes my freelance money in one go!) I’ve got some more pictures to put up but here it is now:

I know it’s not going to set the design world on fire but I really like it, it’s very calming. I’m quite pleased I did it (mostly) all myself and I’m now wondering what room I should do next.

If we were having coffee, I would realise that I had talked non-stop since you arrived and I would take a breath and ask, so how have you been?



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20 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share – 3.”

  1. As long as I have a coffee in my hand I’d happily listen to whatever you wanted to say for hours! 😉
    Seriously though it looks great.
    I’d also butt in to find out more about your freelance work, sounds like destiny was working on this occasion. 🙂


  2. Your decorating looks lovely. It’s clean and crisp. It is satisfying to accomplish something like that yourself. I laughed about your plumber working against time and a very pregnant client! Talk about pressure!😊


  3. I love your bathroom, it does look calming. I like all the seasidy stuff they sell at Dunelm. Don’t know if you have a Range near you but they do all sorts of things on a seaside theme too. That is my ultimate goal for our bedroom if we ever get round to that.
    It’s amazing what grout replacement can do isn’t it. It was like that in our bathroom, my daughter thought we’d retiled it when all we’d done was replace the grout.


    1. There is a Range but it’s quite a drive away. Maybe I’ll make a special trip. I could do with one more thing for the wall. Thanks for the tip. Good luck with your bedroom 🙂

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  4. The bathroom looks great! It’s nice to see what you’ve done with a small space. Our bathroom is the one real complaint I have about the house we live in now–it’s pretty small, and there are no vents or plugs, and the mirror is hung so high on the wall that I have to stand on a stool to see in it–but we can’t do much about it because we’re renting. One day, though!!

    Glad to hear you’ve been feeling productive. I have a lot of those picky little things to be taken care of, too, like making dental appointments and such. Perhaps after the holiday!


    1. Ours has no plugs either (or a window, which I’d really like). I rented for many years so feel your pain. It’s taken many many months to get all the little jobs done, I feel like I need a holiday 🙂

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  5. I echo previous comments about the bathroom. It looks great. I can also relate to renovation headaches…the job quadrupling in size once the camouflaging furniture’s been moved out as well as time pressures. No baby on the way here but No. 1 son away at Scout Jamboree. At the outset, 12 days seemed so easy but after days and days of solid rain and as I said, unearthing more and more problems, we were scrambling to have it done in time. Of course, just like decorating the nursery for the arrival of the new baby, the room had to perfect for our son’s return. He started high school a few weeks ago and renovating his room was marking this transition and trying to create more space and organisation for this next step. Here’s a link: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/return-of-the-prodigal-scout/
    Great you could get some freelance work. Motherhood can become so consuming that it’s good to be able to do those things you did before than mean a lot and are part of who you are. My kids are about to turn 12 and 10 and are becoming much more independent…except for needing Mum’s taxi, of course
    What I don’t hear people talk about much is how having children also expands your horizons. Thanks to my daughter, I’ve taken up the violin and went to Matilda the Musical yesterday. My son has introduced me to scouts and he’s just walked in the door and told me he was rounding up pigs at school today and one knocked him over. He was smiling about it.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena


  6. Nice job there Missus! 😉 I love beachy stuff too. Our bathroom was freshly decorated when we bought the house, but not my taste, I call it the hotel bathroom 😀 Eventually I will get around to decorating it with a more beach/sea theme. Next job is bedroom for us, I’ve actually mellowed and want a lighter colour scheme and more calming. Sainsbury’s homeware has some lovely bits and no doubt I’ll be hitting Dunelm soon too 😉
    The freelance work sounds intriguing, but I’m going to read through your other posts to see if its mentioned and find out more…no updates from WordPress as usual! Well behind!


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