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Gluten and dairy-free gingerbread recipe.


While I don’t pretend to know anything about baking, I do know what tastes good – and these gingerbread people taste good.

Freya and I tried four or five different free-from recipes, with varying degrees of success, before we stumbled upon the perfect one.

Just in case you’re on the hunt for a recipe, I thought I’d share.

It’s easy for toddlers (and adults) to make and it also rolls out nicely so you can cut out all sorts of shapes. It’s adapted from this Netmums recipe.

I use: 



1 egg.

350g gluten-free flour (we normally use Dove’s Farm but have also made it with supermarket own-brand and it tastes just as good).

100g Vitalite.

1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

2 heaped teaspoons of ground ginger.

175g light brown sugar.

4 generous tablespoons of golden syrup.

IMG_2816 (1)


Put the flour and Vitalite in a bowl and rub together.

Add in the bicarb, ginger and brown sugar and mix together.

Pour in the egg and syrup and after mixing with a spoon make into a dough.


Roll out and cut your shapes (it normally makes about 20 or so biscuits, depending on what shapes you use).

Put them on to baking paper on trays and then bung them in the fridge for at least 20 mins.


Heat your oven to about 180C and then cook until just going golden brown (15 ish mins) for a crumbling bread or a bit longer for crunchy.

Freya loves these as a treat and it’s also a fun activity for us to do together – not to mention she gets to wash up, which is obviously the best part (?!).



17 thoughts on “Gluten and dairy-free gingerbread recipe.”

  1. Ooh I’ll have a go at those, they look great! I made some with my friends kids the other week, but they ended up really crispy, poor Willow had to suck hers as she hardly has any teeth yet..eww, mushy, sucked biscuit 😀
    Haa! Start ’em young, you do right 😉


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