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My love for you is like…a poorly crafted lump of salt and flour.

FullSizeRenderValentine’s Day. I’m not a fan. It might seem strange for a romantic fiction fan (and would-be writer of that genre) not to like what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year but perhaps that’s the problem – I don’t think it is a day for romance.

Last year I wrote about why I don’t enjoy it but how I’d decided that, as it seems almost impossible to ignore, I was going to teach Freya that the day didn’t just have to be about romantic love but all kinds of love. And that we should try and share that love and spread a little happiness.

And nothing says I love you like toddler crafts.

We went into production reasonably early with heart footprints and used our entire supply of glue to stick them on pretty card. We will send them to various family members in this country and one has even gone across the pond to my nephew in America.

We also had a first go at salt dough.

As ever, Freya’s favourite part was washing up.

We used a cup of flour, a cup of salt and half a cup of warm water with some red food dye and it made a really nice, easy to use dough.

Once they were moulded into shape I put them in the oven while I was cooking her dinner but I forgot about them while I was feeding her so they were in for about an hour and the smaller ones went a bit brown. I think you can air dry them overnight, which I will try next time. I have big plans for salt dough at Christmas (oops, shouldn’t mention that in February!).

The thing I like most about crafting with a toddler is that you can blame the poor quality of whatever you make entirely on the child. It’s very freeing if you’re a bit rubbish at things, like me. I’ve got a long list, thanks to Pinterest, I want to try.

What about you, are you a lover of Valentine’s Day? Am I missing the point? What are your plans?




16 thoughts on “My love for you is like…a poorly crafted lump of salt and flour.”

    1. Thank you. Have you and Bond got plans? I’m imagining an amazing restaurant with a stunning view and a chocolate fondue (but I might be living through you :))


      1. We actually do not have any plans…my parents are going to be here so it’s going to be a double date I guess? I will try to ensure a view and fondue for you though!! Though at this rate we may well be eating room service…oops!!


  1. I tried answering your question, but realized it’d take a post of its own … whereas I have maybe three to five minutes. The short answer is, no, I’m not a V-Day (nor any now-Hallmark holiday). I entirely support, on the other hand, anything that reminds people to lavish time and love (not store gifts) on people they love. Ideally, we’d remember to show that love all the time, but in reality … there’s a whole lotta life that makes it hard to routinely show all the love we feel!


    1. I think you’ve said it perfectly. I completely agree that it shouldn’t just be about one day either but, yes, life gets in the way so maybe it is good we have one day to make the effort? I am grateful to Pinterest for the handmade inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I know how busy you must be. I hope you have a great day 🙂

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  2. It irritates me every year because there’s an expectation to do something ‘romantic’. We don’t bother with presents or cards, but we make a point of cooking something more special.

    However, the most annoying part is we have several birthdays around the same time and we struggle to find decent cards, seeing as the shelves are full of Valentine bobbins from Boxing Day! I guess I should just become more organised or take a leaf out of your hand-made book – the footprint cards are adorable 🙂


    1. We don’t bother with cards etc either. I think a special meal sounds great though. Hopefully Mark will read these comments 🙂

      I hadn’t thought about the difficulty of finding a decent birthday card at this time of year. Most of the normal cards seem to be replaced, don’t they? Maybe I should get Freya in production to make a range of birthday cards 😀


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