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My Sunday Photo – week 3.


This is one of my favourite photos from this week, even though it’s not fully in shot. It wasn’t the picture I was trying to take but maybe that’s why I like it.

It’s quite a contrast to this one.


We had been wanting to visit Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary for a while but it’s about an hour away from Norwich and Freya has never been great in the car so we’ve always put it off. However, following a tip from Lynzi (Teddys_Mumma on Instagram) we made the effort to head for Sunny Hunny…on the first day it snowed in Norfolk (as you do). A day out post to follow.

To see what everyone else has captured for the week’s #MySundayPhoto please click on the camera below.


35 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 3.”

  1. Oh wow, these are two really interesting photos, I love the contrast. I don’t think I have ever seen such a gorgeous blue!


  2. Two great photos Tara. I love the bird in flight one, it’s fab! But my heart will always belong to the Clown fish, Evie used to beg us to take her to see the ones in our local museum, this brought it back to me xx


  3. i love the photo of the crow being a huge fan of their intelligence. and the fishy one is great too. that blue is fabulous. i feed the birds around us including crows, who have learned to fly to our deck railing, scoop up the meat and do an amazingly fast U-turn to fly away. incredible with such big birds.


  4. I love the contrast between these two pics, both of which are fantastic! The crow has made me think of a tattoo again as I want a silloutte of a crow (more likely Raven) not a detailed pic.

    I’m slacking with the ‘Sunday photo’ already, but I am taking photos at least! πŸ™‚


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