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A rare child-free day…and we’re clueless.

IMG_0899 (1)
The fine city of Norwich behind us.

My MRI was cancelled today due to a “major technical fault” with the scanner. I won’t pretend that I didn’t do a little happy dance – even though it’s only been put back until Friday (and now I have the added worry that it’s broken and will some how lock me in by mistake).

As I already had babysitters in place and Mark had booked the day off to hold my hand (or stop me bumping into things if I decided to take the calming drugs), he and I had a rare opportunity – a child-free day.

And, quite frankly, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.

“We could book a hotel room,” Mark suggested. We looked at each other and at the exact same moment said: “Sleeeeep” in much the same way I swoon over chocolate or cake (mainly chocolate). Just look at the bags under our eyes, you can see we need some zzzzzzs.

As this seemed a rather expensive way to get a bit of shut eye we decided to head into Norwich instead but it soon became clear that we had lost the ability to make decisions that didn’t factor in a child.

coffeecupsWhat should we do with all of those free hours? Cinema? Shopping? Sightseeing? Where should we eat? What should we eat?

So. Much. Choice.

Too much, in fact. In the end we tossed a coin to pick between two restaurants and, after a bit of shopping, we were home by 2pm.

I can’t work out whether it’s a bit sad that we didn’t know how to make the most of our day or really rather lovely that our lives revolve around Freya and her wants and needs so much. Isn’t that the way it should be?

We did enjoy a lovely long sit down and chat over a cup of tea (hot choc for me) when we first arrived and a wander around Jarrold Books where I picked up Levison Wood’s Walking the Himalayas. I loved my trip to (a tiny bit of) India and I really want to go to Nepal one day but for now I’m happy to read about it.

After that though we were just pleased to come home.

What would you do if you had a free day (I’m storing up ideas just in case it ever happens again!)





12 thoughts on “A rare child-free day…and we’re clueless.”

  1. I promise I only laughed a tiny bit when you mentioned the possibility of getting locked in! 😉
    I used to be like this on child free days. Used to miss them and rattle around not sure what to do. Let me reassure you that as they get older, cheekier and more bolshy it doesn’t become a problem. These days I positively skip out of the door if the opportunity arises! 🙈


  2. Oh I know exactly how this feels and wrote a post about it once. I have no advice we are just as bad. I don’t think my comment on your MRI post saved (I have changed hosts). I completely understand your MRI fear, I had one a couple of years ago. I was sedated, even though I said I didn’t want to be, however I remember it not being quite as bad as I thought but I was glad I had accepted the sedative. They chatted through the speakers to me and kept reassuring me. Good luck for Friday lovely, I will be thinking of you xxx


    1. Hi Lisa, I can’t find your previous comment, sorry. What a pain. Thanks for the advice. Yes, maybe a sedative would be the best idea. I can’t see me being able to get in otherwise!


  3. I think you should get a sticky note pad just for ideas, and the next time you say ‘if only we had a babysitter’ write it down and stick it on the fridge (or wherever) and the next time you have a free day you can choose from your stickynotes!


  4. I do hope everything is ok with your health, Tara. It is funny how we get so ingrained in our routines and then when are dreams are granted fir a shirt time, we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves. I remember the first time my hubby and I had to try and think of something to do, on our days off, as opposed to working our way through the endless jobs we had to do with two small children. We wandered around in circles, expecting to be wrenched from our twilight ‘zone’ by a crying babe! We felt a tinge bored because we weren’t equipped for doing anything that wasn’t child related. It didn’t last too long. The boredom and the quiet, that is… I think writing down your ideas in those dreamy moments is a great start.


    1. Hopefully all is well, thanks Amanda. It was the strangest feeling. We were so excited and then…just didn’t know what to do. I’m definitely going to start a suggestions jar, although she’ll probably be 10 before it happens again 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend.

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      1. There is always the time not so far away when she starts day care or school? But by then you will most likely be an accomplished author busy with book launches and signings to fill your child free hours. My weekend is pretty relaxing so far. Hope yours is too.


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