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My Sunday Photo – week 1.


“Look at clouds, mummy. Rainbow!” Freya said.

We were sat on a bench in the park  on Tuesday eating a couple of the gingerbread men we’d made the day before. She was chattering away and I was thinking to myself ‘what a lovely bright day’ when she said that sentence. I glanced up not really expecting to see anything and there is was directly above us.

rainbow2Apparently it’s a “circumzenithal arc”, according to the Met Office:

In order to be able to see a circumzenithal arc, a combination of atmospheric conditions must coincide just right. The height, depth and position of the ice clouds must be right as the cloud needs to be at a specific angle convex to the sun. The position of the observer is also important since its visibility can vary greatly over short distances.

If it hadn’t been for her I would never have seen it. I’m sure there’s a lesson for me there. A man who was with his 18-month-old daughter saw me taking a photo and also looked up. He’d never seen anything like it either and got his phone out too.

What a lovely way to end the year (and a great way to begin #MySundayPhoto). Happy 2016 to you all.



27 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 1.”

  1. Great spot Freya!
    ….A poor life this if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare….
    Still handily had that on my paste clipboard, seemed appropriate. Here’s to time spent admiring rainbows and to looking up to spot them too! 😉


  2. This is interesting timing for me, having just seen the tiniest bit of (vertical) rainbow while walking on a dry day!


  3. What a beautiful and lucky sight. It’s always great when children show us something we’d not have seen. I always try and look up and down when I’m out with my camera, but you do miss things.


  4. What an amazing looking rainbow – have never seen one like that before either. It looks like a big smile in the sky and how wonderful that you got to see it and capture it 🙂


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