“Look at clouds, mummy. Rainbow!” Freya said.

We were sat on a bench in the park  on Tuesday eating a couple of the gingerbread men we’d made the day before. She was chattering away and I was thinking to myself ‘what a lovely bright day’ when she said that sentence. I glanced up not really expecting to see anything and there is was directly above us.

rainbow2Apparently it’s a “circumzenithal arc”, according to the Met Office:

In order to be able to see a circumzenithal arc, a combination of atmospheric conditions must coincide just right. The height, depth and position of the ice clouds must be right as the cloud needs to be at a specific angle convex to the sun. The position of the observer is also important since its visibility can vary greatly over short distances.

If it hadn’t been for her I would never have seen it. I’m sure there’s a lesson for me there. A man who was with his 18-month-old daughter saw me taking a photo and also looked up. He’d never seen anything like it either and got his phone out too.

What a lovely way to end the year (and a great way to begin #MySundayPhoto). Happy 2016 to you all.