love, No sleep, Reflux, Silent reflux, Sunrise

Hello Monday.


When Freya’s reflux was at her worst I used to long for those first rays of light in the sky. For some strange, no doubt sleep deprived, reason I didn’t feel so alone. Those glorious sunrises got me through some tough (for me, anyway) times.


The moon and the sun seemed to be in competition this morning. I feel I’m something of an expert now and my considered opinion is that it was an exceptional sunrise.

Wishing you all a joyful day.


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday.”

  1. It is only over the last seven or eight years that I have again been able to enjoy sunrises. All those years of the overwhelming lethargy that comes with knowing that the nighttime is over and one is still exhausted and sleep with have to wait again for another day, is still fresh in my memory. But I can say the the good sunrise memories are fast replacing the bad and I now am somewhat of an early bird!! Whilst everything always seemed worse with reflux during those long lonely night vigils, daytime provided hope and company.


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