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My Sunday Photo – Week 46.


While the weather hasn’t been very pleasant for most of the week, the fog, mist and rain have made for some interesting photo ops.

I took this on one of our many outings to the park (thankfully no more berry eating incidents). I love the colours and the rain drops on the feather. At first I hoped it was from a magpie but Google tells me it’s a from a pigeon. Still pretty though.

Here are a couple of others. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen them already. All taken with the iPhone.



To find out what other people have been capturing for #MySundayPhoto this week please click on the camera below.




15 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 46.”

  1. I love the way that the general dampness of the last week or so imbues these photos. The beauty of autumn is in the detail as well as the swathes of colour and that comes through so well here.


  2. I agree – the colours & droplets of rain in the first one are lovely. That is a great spiders web too. I have photography homework which needs puddles so I am pleased with all the rain at the moment! #mysundayphoto


  3. I really like the colour in the first, but my favourites are the second and third. It is always a wonder to me how does spider webs can withstand such rain force. The lone droplet is just full of character – forthcoming fighting to hang on every last effort. 🙂


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