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Radio Silence – NaNoWriMo #amwriting


An act of fate, if you believe in such a thing, has meant I have a bit more free time for the next few weeks (that’s a tale for another post) so I’ve been able to sign up to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

However, what it gives with one hand it takes away with the other as it means I will have less time to blog in November because I’ve got to knock out about 1,700 words each day.

I’ve put my old story on hold and started a new one entitled The Bridesmaid Says I Do. I even wasted precious time designing a cover for it but I’m hoping that’s an end to my procrastination and I’ll just get on with writing now I have a deadline to work to (you’ll know if it’s not because I’ll blog!).

Thank you (and good luck) to Donna-Louise and Catherine who are also taking part and originally encouraged me to sign up.

If you’re interested you can follow my progress (and read a bit) here. Please let me know if you’re also signed up and I’ll add you as a buddy.


18 thoughts on “Radio Silence – NaNoWriMo #amwriting”

  1. Whaay! Love what you’ve written so far, great ‘lead in’ and a really good idea for a story, and I’m not a massive romance fan, but will be reading as you write! Loved the ‘grabbing his junk’ line 😀
    Well I wish you loads of luck with this, I’d be bloody useless, I get way too distracted with other stuff! 🙂 I’d be still messing about making a cover…which you’ve done a fantastic job of! I’d like to show you my bro’s website, but after 6 theme changes I’ve only just got the perfect one, and he still has sent me everything I need to get it finished. I’ll just keep schtum until it’s finished! 😉


    1. Thank you for your support 🙂 I thought long and hard (no pun intended AT ALL) about using the word junk.

      I don’t blame you for keeping your brother’s website secret until it’s finished. I bet it will be superb and worth the wait.

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      1. Yes, again! I couldn’t access it on holiday and didn’t miss it much at all, then somebody spent Friday night trying to hack in to my account. (Luckily I have email alerts!) All things considered it seemed an ideal time to quit for a bit.


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