My Sunday Photo – week 44.


A serious lack of posts this week, sorry. Even less sleep than usual combined with work and #C25K running has meant hardly any spare time and little inspiration. I have been having fun with the camera on my phone while we’ve been out and about though.

I picked the one above for #MySundayPhoto because I liked the colours, although they remind me of winter rather than autumn.ย ย I also liked the one below, which is more autumnal, but if you don’t like spiders, don’t scroll down!





To see what other people have been photographing this week please click the camera below.

ย OneDad3Girls

18 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 44.”

  1. I love them both! What flower is that? I’ve never seen it before! And the spider’s markings are really cool. I love the web and you’ve captured it perfectly! Each time I try to get a photo of a spider he sees me and runs!


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