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My Sunday Photo – Week 43


Please say hello to Snowball.

He belongs to our seven-year-old neighbour who quite often has him out in the garden. She just plops him down and there he stays. The first time she did it I got in a flap as I thought he would run off and it would be bye bye Snowball (it was bad enough finding  my hamster, sadly no longer with us, in an enclosed living room let alone a garden!) but I’m used to his chilled out (well he is called Snowball) ways now.

Freya LOVES him. And our little neighbour is very kind and lets her gently stroke his back. He just snuffles around, eats some grass and nuts and generally enjoys a little bit of freedom.

To see what other people have been snapping for #MySundayPhoto please click the camera below. Thank you to Darren, as ever, for hosting.



19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 43”

  1. You have the best of both worlds… borrowing a pet.
    He looks so cute and obviously all his needs are catered for, even freedom (to a degree) Amazing.
    This would have my sister freaking… having a wee beastie off leash as it were. Even though it’s so cute ;D


  2. So cute!! And what a great photo =) It’s perfect for one of those posters that cheer people up!


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