My Sunday Photo – week 41.


For this week’s #MySundayPhoto I suffered for my art by doing an extra walk once the C25K programme (yes, I’ve started it AGAIN) had finished.

This is the model boating pond at Eaton Park in Norwich and my hands itched to snap it on my phone as we jogged by but I wasn’t sure how my running buddy would feel about stopping so I waited until we’d finished…and then made her walk all the way back with me (she said she didn’t mind).

To see what other people have been photographing for the link up this week just click on the camera below.


30 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 41.”

    1. Thanks, Cath. I felt a bit of a traitor to Waterloo Park but it really is beautiful. I’m sure I have enough photo space for two parks 🙂


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