Thank you
Thank you…Pinterest for the inspiration.

Pressing Freya’s tiny fingertips on to the card, I ponder how many years it will be before she takes charge of her own thank you notes.

Will she moan about having to do them? Roll her eyes at me and ask: “Can’t I just email?” (or however people will be doing the bulk of their communication a decade from now).

Will there even be a postal service? That thought made me especially sad. Even though the only thing that lands on our doormat these days are bills or junk, Freya and I still listen out for the postie and race to the door to pick them up (I occasionally let her get there first).

As an unashamed lover of stationery it stands to reason that I adore getting letters – although it seems to be something of a dying art. Maybe I’m partly to blame? I’ve written two actual letters this year although I like to think I do my bit by sending thank you cards (from me and her).

I strongly believe if people take the time to send us gifts then I’m going to take the trouble to write to them and say thank you. It’s simple good manners in my book.

The added bonus is that we can make the cards ourselves so it’s a fun activity as well as (hopefully) being something nice for the people who receive them.

Do you think sending thank you notes is a dying art? What about post? Will it all go online in the not too distant future? 

*Sorry for mentioning the c-word in September.