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My Sunday Photo – Week 36.


I’ve always had mixed feelings about zoos; hating seeing animals in captivity on the one hand but knowing that, on the other, it is often their only chance of survival and that many such places have a valid role to play in conservation.

Freya turned two on Wednesday and as a treat we took her and both sets of grandparents to Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, which calls itself a “progressive zoo” and is a “supporter of The World Zoo Conservation Strategy of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature”.  It was the first to sign its entire collection of animals over to the to the Joint Management of Species Programme.  I will be posting more about our visit later this week.

While the other primates were going wild this monkey was sat taking it all in. At first I thought the expression in his eyes was sad but the more I look at it the more I think it’s intelligence shining brightly. What do you think? Are you a fan of zoos?

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24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 36.”

  1. We went to Thrigby Hall a few weeks ago too. Had an amazing time but I always feel a certain sort of sadness when I see the animals behind bars. I’d feel happier if I knew what they were thinking. Adam enjoyed the alligators, while James loved the meerkats 😊


  2. I think they zoo’s are a massively imperfect but necessary response to the harm we’ve done to natural environments. This image created a sort of grief reaction in me (there is some context to that in the way my life is at the moment!). It instantly made me think of the book We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler (I think that’s the name). Not an easy read by any means but hugely thought provoking on the subject of our intertwined responsibilities. I’m still not sure what that expression in your photo is, except that it is an animal communicating with another animal. It’s a wonderful, sad, hopeful image.
    I hope Freya had a very good birthday,


    1. Thank you, Caz. Sorry it upset you. I was in two minds about posting it because it initially made me sad but I think what you said at the end about communicating is right. I haven’t heard of that book. I will go and look it up.


  3. I’m with you completely on the zoo thing Tara – it certainly brings mixed emotions doesn’t it. A lovely shot however. I hope your little Freya had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed seeing animals she wouldn’t normally see.
    Sammy xxx


  4. I’m totally the same, I guess they are a necessary evil. To look at those eyes which you’ve captured so beautifully, it’s hard to not see a creature who should be roaming the wild. However if you consider what we are doing to that natural habitat…who knows what is for the best.
    Gorgeous, thought provoking image Tara.


    1. Thanks, Clare. Completely agree. I was lucky enough to do a safari when I was in Tanzania and it was amazing to see animals I had only previously seen in a zoo in their natural habitat but the guy we picked up, who I assume was a guide of some sort, was talking about habitat loss and poachers. So sad.


  5. I haven’t been to a zoo since I was younger. I have an image the sticks in my head of the polar bear at flamingo land zoo, it always just looked so sad. I don’t really have a problem with zoo’s though, if the animals are well looked after, and sometimes the animal wouldn’t survive in the wild so it is necessary.

    I love this photo, he does look like he is wisely contemplating something.


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