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Crafting for the non-crafter – making a no sew tutu.

nosew1The most positive thing I can say about my crafting skills is that I’ll always have a go – although that often leads to nothing more than a frustrating mess.

And that’s fine, we can’t all be good at everything (see also cooking and running and writing and..hmm, wait just a minute) but it also means that when something does go well once in a blue moon I am ridiculously proud of myself – even if it’s something so easy a five-year-old could do it.

When I wanted a tutu for Freya I considered buying one but I looked around I couldn’t see an affordable one I liked so I thought “I know, I’ll just make one”, as you do. As always I turned to the internet but I was getting more and more disheartened until I read the magic words “No sew tutu”. I swear there was a little burst of the Hallelujah Chorus.

Just in case you’re in need of a tutu (it works for adults too) and you’re pants at crafting like me I thought I’d share. I’ve added some different versions to a Pinterest board too. I hadn’t planned on blogging about it so the pics are not great but you’ll get the idea.

FullSizeRenderFirst, you need to choose whether to use ribbon, a crochet hair band or elastic for the middle. I was originally going to make it with ribbon but I stupidly let Freya hold it while I was getting prepared and in those few seconds she managed to get it covered in something (how is that even possible?).

After going back to the drawing board I remembered that ages ago I went through a phase of wearing headbands (which Freya went through a phase of pulling off) so I already had an alternative in the house.

IMG_5361Earlier in the day we’d bought the material, which I know now is called tulle (always learning) – although I asked the lady in John Lewis for “tutu netting” which worked just as well. I bought a metre of the pink and half a metre of the white which came to £4.45 (my mum says you can get this cheaper if you shop around/eBay etc).

Here’s what you do:

1. Cut it into strips depending on how long you want it (you are going to fold it in half so take that into account). There are guides for this but I guesstimated because I wanted it to have a punk-ish feel (and I couldn’t be bothered to measure).

IMG_53622. Find something to put your band around. I tried a lampshade but it wasn’t great so went for a vase instead.

3. Fold a strip in half and thread it through the headband, folded end first, push the other end through to make a knot and pull tight.

4. Repeat, alternating colours as you want. It looks great with just one row but I had material left so did a second row to make it fuller.

5. Bask in your crafting glory.

FullSizeRender 2

I started then had to stop and cook dinner, which is why the photos gradually get darker, but I would estimate the whole thing maybe took 30-40 mins – and the best part is Freya loves it.

Are you are crafter (or not)? What’s the best or worst thing you’ve ever made.


15 thoughts on “Crafting for the non-crafter – making a no sew tutu.”

  1. *psst…’crating’ I’m assuming that’s ‘crafting’ 😉
    The fact you even get to the point of trying anything off pinterest deserves a massive ‘high five’ as I just pin stuff…and one day in another dimension I WILL make all these things. More impressive is that you actually completed it! The tutu is fantastic and looks great on Freya! 😉

    Btw on a sad font loving side note, that comic zine font you’ve used is one of my faves ;D


    1. Thank you for the spot (tired eyes :)) and the compliment on the tutu.

      Nothing sad about font-loving, in my opinion. I have to say I’m more a fan of swirly whirly ones but I like to mix it up.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m slowly adding links to fonts, graphics resources and they have loads of freebies! A lot of free to use commercially too which is good. I really like sparkly gold stuff, completely goes against my ‘ard metal image 😀


    1. I have a lovely collection on the PC but can’t work out how to get them on the Mac. Can you do a guide for that too? 😀 Sparkly gold, goodness me!


  3. Off the top of my head I’d say just find the font folder on your PC, grab ’em all and stick them on a flash drive then move them to the Mac and install them individually (just double clicking them should work). Some of them may not work on a Mac, but you maybe able to go download a Mac version 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I made these and even my sparkly, fluffy girl refuses to wear them. No taste clearly!
    As for me being a crafter? Well in my head I am, in reality I have neither the time or patience and probably lacking the ability too. 😉
    Great make! 😀


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