All for Isabelle. The story of Petals In The Park.

The lovely Clare, who blogs at Mud and Nettles, has written a touching post about her friend Amelia and the help she received from the charity Petals after her daughter was stillborn.

I’ve written before about how counselling changed my life after I lost my first pregnancy and I think it’s so important that grieving parents can find this type of support, if they need it.

Please have a read and if you happen to be in Cambridge this Sunday they are holding a fundraising event and would appreciate your support.

Mud and Nettles

I’m going off topic today.

Taking my blog out of its comfort zone.

A post that is difficult to write and possibly the same to read.

I’m sorry. Yet I am not.

Today I’m talking about a friend. A special one. She even has a name!

My friend Amelia.

We met many years ago when we were 16, at college in Cambridge. We’ve been friends ever since. Working in both the early years and training sectors our paths have crossed, joined and parted many times over the years but our friendship remained.

We’ve been through life’s big events together, getting stupidly tipsy, losing jobs – (the same one!), getting hitched and even had children a few weeks apart – we were even in hospital at the same time, but mostly getting tipsy. Life was good.

Then Amelia’s world was to fall apart.

Nearing the end of her second pregnancy Amelia…

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