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Things to do in Norfolk: Wroxham Barns Junior Farm.

sheep 2

“Guess what this sheep is called?” my husband said with a grin on his face.

“I’ve no idea,  what is it called?” I said, taking its photo.

“Baaabara,” he said, his grin even wider.

While that earned a chuckle, the belly laugh was awarded to Freya who then repeated to the sheep: “Hi Baabara.” Complete with the perfect baa.

Maybe you needed to be there to fully appreciate it but it’s a great illustration of what the Junior Farm at Wroxham Barns, which is about a 10 mile drive from Norwich city centre, is like – simple family fun.

When does the fun start?
When does the fun start?

We both love animals and first visited long before Freya came along. When we first took her she was tiny (well, as tiny as a 10b 3oz newborn ever is) and, aside from a good dose of fresh air, the enjoyment was really still ours. In fact, we loved it so much we bought season tickets and have renewed them again this year when it became clear how much she also (thankfully) loves to visit.

So, what is there? Animals, of course, including donkeys, a variety of chicken breeds, pigs (including the two cutest micro pigs in the world), sheep, cows, naughty goats, rabbits, ducks and guinea pigs. You can feed many of them with specially bought food but there are activities throughout the day, such as lamb feeding in spring.

There is a lot of information about the animals on boards and always plenty of friendly staff around who are more than willing to tell you about them.

Seriously, you could eat off the floor.
Seriously, you could eat off the floor.

As well as the animals, there is also the cleanest soft play area I have seen and, new for this year, is an undercover play area with toy tractors to ride, activities and other play things which Freya makes a beeline for.

At the moment the farm only holds her attention for a maximum of an hour, which is good going for a not quite two-year-old, I think.

Luckily, it is just one element of Wroxham Barns, which was established in 1983, and, after she is worn out, there are some lovely shops, many of which sell local produce and crafts, to look around. Not to mention a cafe and restaurant, pantry, gift gallery, mini golf and children’s fun fair plus lots more.


Anyway, I haven’t been asked to write about it but thought, as we love it so much, it deserves a shout out. I’m planning to do the same with some of the other places we have come across just in case you’re looking for recommendations.

Entry to the Junior Farm costs  £6.25 per person (under twos are free). To find out more, including opening times click here.



26 thoughts on “Things to do in Norfolk: Wroxham Barns Junior Farm.”

  1. Sounds like a fabulous place – and really good value too. I always think it’s admirable how clean the soft play bits at farm parks generally seem to be compared to soft play centres where it is their only business. Perhaps it’s just because they’re more aware of cleanliness on the farm, but if they can do it I do wonder why others can’t! #animaltales


    1. I had never thought about it like that before but I think you might be on to something. I’ve been in some truly horrible soft play centres where I just want to clean everything 🙂


  2. Sounds great, I love places like that. BattleDad and I also found a similar place in Kington before BattleKid came along and have since brought him there. I also wrote a piece on it without being asked as I thought it warranted it, like you.


  3. Now this looks like a fun place to visit. We went to visit some of Farmer Parr’s animals the other day… i’ll be sharing next week over at #AnimalTales but it was great. Your outing looks even better! Visiting from #AnimalTales

    Angela from daysinbed.


  4. It sounds really nice there. We have a similar animal farm close too us, they have a really good facebook page too. It’s through their facebook page you see some things that make you wonder though. They had a kitten stolen from there during opening hours so obviously by a paying visitor and more recently they have spoken out about a few acts of cruelty and bad behaviour towards the animals from some visitors. Why would they visit when they obviously have so little respect for defenceless creatures.

    On a brighter note there is a website http://www.familyroundabout.co.uk/ which lists places to visit with children. You might want to post your review on there too. I think the owner was looking for reviews further afield as it mainly covers Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire and she wanted to extend the reviews across the country. It’s really developing into a brilliant resource for places to visit with children.


    1. How awful, that’s really sad. Thankfully I’ve never seen any negative behaviour at our farm. I was at a zoo once, which I wouldn’t generally go to, and some kids were banging on the window of the big cat area despite signs telling them not to and with their parents standing next to them. I got VERY cross. I hate anything like that. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. It sounds like a great place and love that picture of Freya. We have an icecream farm nearby which is I think may be similar, our girls loved going to visit the animals and remembered names and birthdays of the animals – as you say, lovely family fun x


  6. I love places like this, and me and Tom will happily go and mither the animals anytime 🙂 This is one reason I kind of miss the old farm shop because of all the animals…I think I’ll have to have a trek up there soon 🙂
    I love that photo of Freya in the ball pit, she looks like she’s thinking, “what the hell!?” 😀


    1. Mithering animals?! Is that allowed. I’m going to have to look up that word now. We used to go and feed the animals and then go and raid all the food (fudge) shops. Best day ever 🙂

      PS Freya was totally thinking that.


      1. Yes it’s basically just camels! We are getting a zoo soon though! I have had a horrible cold so was grovelling at home watching trash tv and feeling sorry for myself! I will probably post today! xx


  7. That looks like a great place for a day out – and they have Kune kune pigs (like we do) – best pigs in the world!! Our boys used to love a farm visit when they were little and children love seeing our animals when they stay at our gite.

    Many thanks for adding this lovely farm day out to #AnimalTales


  8. I didn’t know there were animals at Wroxham, though it’s been very many years since I visited. There was a similar set-up quite nearby when I lived in Suffolk at Stonham Barns. Also worth a visit if you haven’t already 🙂


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