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My Sunday Photo – Week 31

Shadows of the Wanderer by Ana Maria Pacheco.
Shadows of the Wanderer by Ana Maria Pacheco.

I have visited Norwich Cathedral many times for work, I attended a carol service there with my friends one Christmas and whenever anyone comes to visit the city for the first time it is an essential part of the tour but I’ve never really spent time just taking it all in – until Friday.

It’s been a crazy week. I had a short turnaround on a freelance story that didn’t come together until the very last minute but, even more of a worry, Freya has been really poorly (thankfully she is on the mend now).

By Friday I was frazzled to say the least but I left my little bean in the safe hands of my parents and spent a bit of time before my next job simply wandering the cathedral. It was incredibly peaceful but also there were so many things that I hadn’t really noticed before. (I checked with one of the lovely guides that it was ok to take photos and she assured me it was.)

As I slowly walked along, pausing now and again, (including just as the sun hit the stained glass above and bathed me in a lovely warm orange light) I came across the installation which I have chosen for #MySundayPhoto.

As the caption says it is Shadows of the Wanderer by the Brazilian-born artist Ana Maria Pacheco. As a I discovered, there are three different  exhibitions of her work being staged at three different venues in the city. This one, from 2008, comprises 10 over life-size figures, “each carved from a single lime tree, that crowd close together and stand as looming shadows behind a young man carrying an older man on his back. The group recalls the tale of Aeneas, who carries his father Anchises from the ruins of burning Troy, but it also powerfully resonates with contemporary issues, particularly those of exile, asylum, migration and the displacement of people.” (Click on the quote to read more).

I found it very arresting and actually a bit of a shock but in a positive, interesting way rather than anything else. I’d be quite keen to see the other two now which are at St John’s Cathedral (Yes, Norwich has two) and the Castle Museum.

Anyway, the little time out was just what I needed. I felt very calm and relaxed again when I left.

Should you happen to be in Norwich, the exhibition is at the cathedral until September 6 and you will find it in the north transept.

IMG_7536 (1)
I’m sure everyone who has ever visited the cathedral has taken this shot but it’s no less impressive.

To see what everyone else has been photographing this week please click on the link below to take you to One Dad 3 Girls.


19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 31”

  1. Beautiful photos – I do enjoy a good stained glass window. 🙂 Interesting sculpture too, I think churches / cathedrals are great (often unknown) settings for art installations.


    1. Me too. I’d love a stained glass window at home 🙂 I agree with you about the setting too. I think it’s a great way to bring people in and of introducing people already there to different art. Thanks for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Helen. I’m so pleased I took the time to wander – although even then there was so much I didn’t get to see. I will go back when I have a bit more free time.


  2. Glad Freya is better now, I reckon that sculpture would of freaked her out if she’d of seen it! It is very ‘arresting’, but brilliant, I really like stuff like this and it’s quite unusual for a church/cathedral (not that I go in many). I imagine it is very impressive seeing it in the ‘flesh’ full size too. I love your middle picture of the light coming through the stained glass windows, looks amazing with the different colours! 😉


    1. Thank you. Her illness has coincided with the wheat and gluten challenge so I’m slightly worried as she’s still not her old self. The installation certainly made me double take.


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