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Love/Hate Blogger Challenge.


Considering how much I moan, I thought compiling a list of 10 things I hate would be easy but it’s taken a few days. The love section was much better.

Thank you to Lisa at Into The Glade for the Love/Hate Blogger Challenge tag. You can read her fabulous answers here and, in no particular order, here are mine:


1. Family (including that I asked my dad if I could take a photo of his knuckles and he didn’t even ask why) and friends.

2. Kindness.

3. People passionate about their cause but who respect that others might have different opinions.

4. Nature.

5. Words (including books and blogging).

6. Paper.

7. Being a mum.

8. Writing for a living.

9. Taking photographs.

10. A long, uninterrupted sleep.


1. Wasps.

2. Balloons.

3. Vague-booking. Just say what you mean!

4. People who smoke at bus stops.

5. Litter.

6. People who play music on their phones in public without headphones.

7. People who talk but don’t listen (I think I am guilty of this sometimes too).

8. Infant reflux and allergies.

9. Rudeness.

10. Not having more time.

Fancy telling me 10 things you love and hate? Please consider yourself tagged.



8 thoughts on “Love/Hate Blogger Challenge.”

    1. The only time I liked it was when a group of four boys at the back of the bus started singing along and were amazing! They eventually got other people to join in. Other than that the death stare comes out (and does no good what so ever). Hehe.

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  1. Vague-booking drives me nuts!! Though oversharing on facebook is another irritation! Surely there is a happy medium? I will try your challenge next week, we have Bond’s mother staying so I don’t think I will have much blogging time! Have a super weekend – hopefully full of people and things you love! xxx


    1. Oh yes, you’re right! At least you can “not see as much” from people who post too much rubbish now. I hope you’re having fun with Bond’s mum. Look forward to reading your post next week 🙂


  2. I love that your dad let you take a pic of his knuckles and didn’t ask why – how cool’s that!! Good lists which I can relate to. I’ll be doing mine soon xxx


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