Here be (nice) dragons for this week’s #MySundayPhoto.
dragon head

I’ve seen elephants, gorillas and horses, which were all brilliant, but this year’s trail of dragons in Norwich is my favourite so far.

The Norfolk-based charity, Break, which supports vulnerable children, young people and families, has teamed up with Wild in Art, one of the “UK’s leading creative producers of mass-appeal public art events and education projects” to deliver the 84 large dragons plus 120 baby ones, decorated by various artists.


It works on so many levels; they are fun to spot, beautiful to look at and each showcases an element of Norwich’s heritage, architecture or creativity. They also get you outdoors, take you around the city, including parts you might not normally go, and, of course, they raise money for this amazing charity.

dragons 2

I admit I let out a little squeal when I spotted the first one on Monday and I couldn’t wait until yesterday when we decided to get up early (as Freya wakes at 4am it’s not really a big deal) and see some more before it got too hot.

Freya seemed to really enjoy it, shouting “Dragon. Raaar.” Whenever one came into view.” We did about 20 during a nice easy walk around the city so still a few more to go – and some really impressive ones too, including one painted by 12-year-old Kieron Williamson, who is nicknamed Mini-Monet. Check it out, it’s amazing.

dragons 3

The dragons remain on the streets until September 5 and then they are auctioned on October 1. You can pre-bid or buy tickets for the auction at where you can also find out about the artists, if you’re interested.

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