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My Sunday Photo – Week 25


I couldn’t resist using this for #MySundayPhoto. Freya and I made dairy, gluten, soya and egg free chocolates using a Chocca Chicca kit and, as this photo shows, I think she quite liked them! I’ll write more about it tomorrow for anyone interested.

We also had good fun at the park this week so I’ve included some photos from there too.


When something furry brushed up against my leg I almost jumped six feet in the air thinking it was a huge rat or something. Thankfully it turned out to be a friendly cat – although Freya was VERY CROSS I wouldn’t let her bring it home.



To see what everyone else has been capturing this week please click on the linky below.


11 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 25”

  1. Gosh that cat looks like Tuxedo – for a second I thought he had managed to make quite the epic adventure…then I realised he would NEVER be parted from my dad for that length of time! Love the picture of Freya, she’s gorgeous!! xxx


  2. Great photos – so much colour in the flowers, and I love the first photo – yum! =) So cute


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