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A little note of YOU ROCK!


Thank you to everyone who has viewed and liked my story and especially to those of you who took the time to comment (fellow bloggers BattleMum, Mands, BlondeUSK, Clare, WideRanging Ramblings, Caz, Kate, Cath and That’s Life plus my friend Emma who sent a text).

I think a maximum of about 10 people have ever read any of my creative writing before so to have that first chapter get rather a lot more views was a bit daunting but I’m so pleased I did it now. I had three story ideas but I’m going to take that one forward (using all the good advice I received).

Thank you again, you all rock.



2 thoughts on “A little note of YOU ROCK!”

  1. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff! I’ve just clicked where the name ‘Kit’ is from too, well I’m assuming it’s influenced by a certain Jon Snow? I was thinking, that’s a bit of an unusual name 🙂

    Just noticed you have a new header too, I like it, that font is great…I am a font nerd 😀


    1. Yes! Although Kit, in this case, is short for Christopher, which was also his dad’s name and why they called him the nickname. Look at me with my back story!

      Thank you, it’s not quite what I want. I wanted the background like a water colour but I haven’t got the skills to know how to do it. I LOVE fonts too 🙂

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