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I packed my bag and in it I put… mostly food.

HBBaked beans, Bourbon biscuits, cereal bars – no, this isn’t the start of my weekly shopping list but the things that I have packed in my suitcase and taken on holiday in the past.

These “emergency rations”, as I like to think of them, are in case there isn’t any food I like, which for a fussy vegetarian who enjoys travelling to far-flung places is not that unusual.

Of course, if they happened to lose my case with the goodies in I could probably get by just about anywhere (although there was an incident with a tribe of Masai and a goat – but that’s another story). For Freya, taking food on holiday is not a luxury but a necessity – even in the UK.

As we head off on our staycation for a week in a caravan (please, please let the sun shine), I’ve had to put more thought into what food to take for her than anything else – and we are only 45 minutes down the road.

At present she is dairy, soya, wheat, gluten and tomato free among other things – although we are starting to add a few more bits in now with the guidance of her dietician. As any parent of a child with food allergies or intolerances will tell you, it can be hard enough to find suitable things that they will eat normally let alone when you’re away from home, which means it is probably less stressful to just take it all with you.

That’s why I was genuinely delighted when Holland & Barrett got in touch to say they have launched a new free-from section on their website, which will eventually have more than 3,000 products available for home delivery nationwide.

And that’s not even the best bit.

A screen shot of the filter.
A screen shot of the filter.

The website has an excellent facility to search and filter by allergen as well as food category (and by July a “may contain” filter too). You have no idea how many hours I have spent in shops reading the back of packets – which is not always easy with a lively toddler for company – so this is going to save me a lot of time and trouble. You can visit the free-from section here, if you’re interested.

Having been a veggie for 25 years, I’m no stranger to the aisle of Holland & Barrett but since having Freya they have been my go to store – especially when trying to increase the variety of things she has to eat.

Plus, thanks to the website, I’ve had the time to find her some treats which I especially wanted for our holiday. When we go away it is usual to have a little break from our normal diets with a few naughty extras  – a Flake 99 here or some chips there, for example. I wanted her to have a few special bits too – although in her case they are probably just as healthy as normal (maybe we should all take a leaf out of her book?).

There is no doubt Freya’s food issues have caused a fair bit of stress – especially when she wouldn’t eat or drink anything – but I’ve been thinking recently that there are some positives to all this.

Firstly that she doesn’t have anything more seriously wrong with her and that her food intolerances result in irritable bowel-like symptoms (and broken sleep) rather than anything more severe.

Secondly that she now has a fairly healthy, clean diet and I know almost exactly what goes into her food – because I often make it from scratch (which for a non-cook is no mean feat). Even with the ready-made things I buy I have to inspect the ingredients so carefully that very little gets by me. I’m not saying I would have fed her chicken nuggets, chips and ice cream every day but I don’t think I would have been as diligent as I am now.

And thirdly that the range of free-from food available is growing all the time – along with the places that stock them. I have no idea how people managed in the olden days.

Is there a food item you can’t do without? What do you pack in your holiday case?

* Holland & Barrett kindly gifted Freya some lovely treats and products for her holiday (pictured above) in return for an honest blog post about their new free-from section. While the food comes from them, the views are all mine.


20 thoughts on “I packed my bag and in it I put… mostly food.”

  1. Oat drink for my son with tomato juice. A must for every trip. Great post. Tricky going on holiday. We normally spend a reasonable amount of time looking for food but now always order a delivery from a supermarket to arrive at holiday destination in uk, so we don’t waste holiday time.


  2. I have huge respect for those that live with allergies and intolerances, so much checking and double checking and preparation involved. Sounds like the site could make life much easier.
    I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and the sun shines for you – it’s looking to be a promising start. 🙂


  3. Holland and Barrett are great – we have them here in Dubai and they stock all my favourite licorice and health bits and bobs. Plus the staff are well informed (not always the case out here!) I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that poor Freya gets better! xx


    1. Oh that’s so cool! We’d be ok if we ever happened to move to Dubai, which I’m considering as a result of the wonderful things you have been showcasing 🙂


      1. Yes it’s great! The only thing we lack (but it’s improving) is readily available organic food which is a pain! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog enough to contemplate a move! You may fall for Berlin next when I post about my recent holiday there!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh it must be so difficult! My youngest is allergic to pears and that is difficult enough,she gets abdominal migraines which took 3 years to diagnose but, I often wonder how others cope with multiples. Respect to you lovely! Have a wonderful holiday/stay cation xx


      1. Ah that’s good! We are hoping for the same but because it took so long to diagnose, we are all cautious about reintroducing them to try, it’s never a good time. But pears are a hidden ingredient in so many things. Hope you are having a lovely holiday xx


  5. This sounds like a great new launch at Holland & Barrett, especially the ability to filter by allergen on the website. I am lucky not to have to deal with intolerances for my family, but I do not like to be without my Marmite when away from home! 😉


    1. I was so excited about the filter, I clicked everything that Freya can’t have and it still came up with products. Thrilling 🙂 I hear you on the Marmite. Hehe. Thanks for commenting.


  6. That’s great they’re adding such a range, because like you say its a minefield navigating labels and at least you know Freya will able to enjoy foods without you having to stress out, especially whilst on holiday! We had a little lad who stayed at the outdoor centre I worked at, he had so many allergies it was unbelievable and they were really severe. Feeding him was extremely stressful but after rooting around online and in the local health food shop I managed it, but was stood watching him eat at meal times 😀
    I do like health food shops like Holland and Barrett, and their psyillium husks have been sorting me out recently, but more on that soon 😀


    1. Poor little boy. I bet he was so pleased he was still allowed to come and visit you. With allergies that severe, I would think there have been places he wasn’t allowed to go.

      Psyllium husks sound…odd. Look forward to reading about them 🙂


  7. Oh and the only thing I’ve ever taken on holiday with me has been tea bags 😀 Though when we go to Scotland later in the year I’ll be taking loads of stuff!


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