My Sunday Photo – Week 19


A friend recently announced he is going to be a dad so we offered him our Silvercross car seat and base which, as Freya HATED the car, didn’t get that much use.

He wanted to pay us for it but I’m just happy it’s going to be used again so we refused. However, when we dropped it off he’d bought us a massive bunch of the most beautiful, not to mention unusual, thank you flowers – including this one, which I picked for #MySundayPhoto.

I’ve never seen anything like it, although admittedly don’t know much about flowers. It’s like it can’t decide what colour it wants to be so went for a rainbow. Does anyone know what it is?

They have brought me in particular much happiness.


19 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Week 19”

  1. It looks like it may be a Dahlia, and I love them, look at this page https://www.pinterest.com/ncg77/love-dahlias/
    It’s not my page but she has so many variations of Dahlias, aren’t they gorgeous? Great gift as these are so gorgeous, appropriate for the gift you gave, safety for his child. Great photo and even better heart you have!


    1. Ooh I think you could be right! Funnily enough dahlias were my granddads favourites flower – although I don’t remember them looking like that. Seems to be so many varieties. Thank you for taking the time to look it up and tell me.


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