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C25K – The return (otherwise known as, OMG was it always this hard?).

photorunderWhen I was younger, my dad and my brother used to enjoy nothing better on a Saturday morning than watching an hour of WWF wrestling – and, as we only had one TV in those days, I was also forced to watch it.

I say forced but actually I had my own bedroom (not to mention a back garden) so I could have gone somewhere else but firstly I liked to moan (loudly) about the fact that I wasn’t getting my own way (the horror) and secondly I secretly enjoyed it.


It wasn’t the violence I liked, because most of it seemed choreographed like a dance, but more the theatre of it all.

My favourite character was The Undertaker – I was a strange child – and his manager Paul Bearer (see what they did there) who carried an urn which he used to revive the Undertaker when it seemed like he was a goner.

Anyway, there is a point to this, honest.

It all came back to me on Saturday as I was out running. Yes, I’m back on the C25K after a period of absence – some enforced when my parents were poorly for three weeks and I didn’t have anyone to look after Freya and some down to pure laziness.

I was jogging along, trying to think of anything apart from how far I’ve regressed in those weeks away, when I passed some fellow early morning runners coming the other way who were all in brightly coloured outfits, which almost looked like costumes.

I began entertaining myself with the notion of runners as the WWF characters I knew from my childhood (I don’t know why, it was probably lack of oxygen).

Immediately, I knew who I would be. The Undertaker, of course. I always wear black from head to nearly feet (including long sleeved base layer with t-shirt over the top) and, as it’s usually early in the morning, I probably look like death with huge dark bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. I was in short trousers (or long shorts depending on how you look at it) and my legs are deathly pale as a result of being under cover all winter. Plus instead of an urn, if you saw me flagging and waved a chocolate bar in my direction I’d definitely find the energy to sprint towards you.

I was even considering getting The Rundertaker printed on the back of my t-shirt before I realised that it doesn’t make any sense – and that I should probably walk for a bit as I was clearly losing the plot.

So, this is a long-winded way of saying I went for a run (on both Saturday and Sunday morning) and it was very hard, although slightly easier the second day.

Hopefully now the weather is a bit better and I don’t have to rely on the gym (which I can’t get to on a Saturday and doesn’t open on a Sunday) I can keep it up.

Maybe I will even branch out into wearing a different costume, one day.


11 thoughts on “C25K – The return (otherwise known as, OMG was it always this hard?).”

  1. I am glad I am not the only one clad in black! I thought of you this weekend as I finally found a pair of running shorts that are loose AND not obscenely short. H and M came through!! I am not sure if the collection is the same in the UK but it’s worth a look if you want some new kit, it’s far cheaper than the major sports brands and seems to be good quality. Well done on getting back to the C25K!


    1. I didn’t even know they did sport stuff! I wonder if it’s in their ethical range. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to have a look now.

      PS Why are exercise shorts so short? The only thing I found them good for was putting over running tights!


      1. A friend mentioned them to me but I had no idea before! I don’t think it’s the ethical range though which is a shame. Do you know of any good ethical sports wear brands?

        Running shorts are HORRIBLE, I have managed to avoid them till now, it’s just too hot in Dubai to wear the trousers – especially as they are practically a second skin!! No one seems to design for real women who want to get fit while being comfortable??


  2. Well done you! I love running outside and never run on a treadmill.

    However, I’m off for the foreseeable future with a knee injury, so there may well be treadmill work waiting for me. In my future. There will definitely be Zombies, Run! 5k for sure.

    Go you!


  3. Were there any WWF Wrestling characters with bright red faces? that would be me 😀 Good one doing this, I did start running a while ago and eventually started to really enjoy it, think I’ll have to have another bash, loads of old railway tracks around here to run on! I was all decked out in black too…no surprises there! 🙂


    1. Hah! I also go bright red when I stop, which is strange. I never would have thought I would enjoy running but it’s become quite addictive. I would love to run on old railway tracks rather than a ring road!


  4. Good for you! The first one back is always the hardest and you got out there and smashed it! I’m not a runner, so full of respect for anyone who is – it’s hard!


  5. Oh I feel your pain, I have had a week off and gone back to it tonight and all I could think of was how much I had regressed. My legs are milk bottle white too, time for some fake tan I think xx


    1. It’s in all my head with me, I’m not even out of breath when I stop and walk sometimes, which is why I try and distract myself with nonsense 🙂 Might have to get some fake tan too.


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