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My Sunday Photo – week 18.



I’m afraid we are back in the archives again this week for #MySundayPhoto as I was a bit poorly for a couple of days with an ear ache and sore throat and didn’t have chance to get out with the camera.

While I love all photos of Freya this is one of my favourites – look how tiny she was! I always swore I would never be one of those mothers who made her wear headbands but almost the instant she was born that went out the window. Good job I made the most of it when she was small as it takes A LOT of cajoling  to get her to wear one now.

To see what other people having been taking photos of please visit the link at One Dad 3 Girls.


34 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 18.”

  1. 😀 How cute!!! That’s a lovely picture & great little pose 😉
    Yeah, hope the earache has cleared off, hate earache, one of the most painful ailments :/


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