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Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

I’m having a Frozen moment… but in Corfu, probably 10 years before the film came out.

Thank you to Jenni from Odd Socks and Lollipops who has tagged me to reveal fifty things that make me happy. I always like to take stock every now and then so this seems like a good opportunity to do just that. You can also check out what makes Jenni happy here.

Here goes:

1. It has to be Freya – although motherhood has been the hardest thing I have ever tried to do, it has also been the most rewarding in so many ways.

2. Family.

3. Good friends.

4. Work (especially being able to freelance).

5. Sunrise. I have seen more sunrises in the last 19 months than I have in the entire rest of my life but everything seems like it might be ok when those first rays of light start to breakthrough.

6. Sunset. I don’t get to see these as often now but I don’t think you can beat a stunning sunset for ending the day on a high.

7. Freshly washed sheets. That smell. Heaven. Ideally brushed cotton.

8. Reading (everything).

9. Writing (anything)

One of those sunrises I was talking about.

10. Chocolate. No need to explain this one.

11. My guilty pleasure – Starbucks classic hot chocolate with peppermint. It’s like drinking an After Eight.

12. Charity shops.

13. Holidays. UK-based these days but we live in a beautiful country, much of which I have still to explore.

14. Thoughtful gifts.

15. Barnes and Noble journals. When I used to visit my brother in Washington DC he would take me to B&N, which is a book store chain, as soon as I arrived to stave off jet lag. In those days we didn’t really have an equivalent here, especially where people were allowed to sit and read books, so it was like Disneyland for me. Now if I need cheering up, I go online and look at their beautiful journals. Works every time.

16. Fresh air.

17. Cake.

18. Inspiring quotes.

19. Clean water to drink on tap.

alfie1 20. Pets make me very happy for the joy and love they bring to a household – even Alfie, who is quite possibly the naughtiest cat in the world.

21. Daydreaming. 

22. Running. Although I have stalled on the C25K because I didn’t have anyone to watch Freya for three weeks while my parents were poorly (not that I’m blaming them for being ill, obviously).

23. Clothes that fit. 

24. Stationery.

25. Quality earplugs. Living in a flat with people coming and going at all hours, I’ve had to sleep with earplugs (only one now I have Freya, although she is next to me most of the night anyway) otherwise I am constantly being woken up.

26. Photography. This is a fairly recent hobby but I really enjoy taking photos.

27. Clean and cared for parks.

28. Blog comments, especially nice ones.

29. Good deeds. I like doing nice things for other people.

30. Washing blowing on the line (even on the balcony).

31. People passionate about the environment and not afraid to show it.

32. Rainbows.

33. Italian food.

34. Facetime. This helps me keep in touch with my brother and nephew in America but also family in this country too.

35. Poldark.

36. Bourbon biscuits.

37. Music. I have eclectic tastes, although I’m afraid I still don’t get jazz.

38. The beach. I would love to live by the sea one day.

39. The Internet.

40. Sunflowers. Such a happy flower.

41. My beautiful MacBook Air. My lovely brother bought me one as a present (I would never have been able to afford it otherwise) and I love it so much. I’m sure it’s going to help me write a best-seller. I just need to make a start.

42. The Hay Festival.

43. All day veggie breakfasts at Giraffe.

IMG_447244. Norwich. So lucky to live in the Fine City.

45. Yellow roses.

46. Romance novels. I like most genres but this is my favourite way to escape.

47. My engagement ring (s). We were holidaying in/on Zante and the first ring is a wooden one he bought from the shop across from the hotel. The second we picked together from a family-run jewellers in the town the next day. Looking at them reminds me of a lovely time.

48. Visiting Haworth.

49. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. My favourite film. Ever.

50. Blogging. Most days, at least. I’ve also made some lovely friends.

I’m not going to ask anyone to take part as I know some of you find it annoying. However, if you are reading this and you fancy doing it consider yourself tagged. I would love to read your posts. Please let me know in the comments if you have done it. Everyone welcome.

Update:  Scars, Tears and Training Bras and Wide Ranging Ramblings have joined in (thank you) here and here.


15 thoughts on “Fifty Things That Make Me Happy”

    1. I really love Norwich, it’s got a bit of everything. Do you think you’ll come back?

      You will never drink anything else ever again 😀


    1. The funny thing is, Paperchase do the same journals as B&N now but I think I like the memories which is why I look there instead 🙂 I’d love to see your list, if you have time.


  1. Phew I’ve finally done one after seeing your challenge and being tagged on mummy in trainings blog too. Thing is there’s loads I could of poached off your list, engagement ring, cake and in particular the ‘journals’, I have LOADS, don’t mention them around Tom 😀 I’ve forgot to put blogging too, I got carried away. Lots of fun! 😉


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