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My Sunday Photo – week 9


Where has the week gone? I haven’t found time to blog (or go to the gym) this week but after my post about accepting that I can’t ”have it all’ I decided not to sweat it (especially in the case of the gym).

I was also running out of time to take a #MySundayPhoto (linking up with One Dad 3 Girls) but my in-laws have been visiting this weekend and we took them to Wroxham Barns to see the lambs, which were keeping warm under lamps giving them a red glow (see below). When I initially took the photo I didn’t hold out much hope because the colour was horrible but turning it black and white actually worked quite well – in my opinion anyway (although obviously I am no expert).


My in-laws also arrived with a chocolate cake which my husband’s grandma had made. Is there anything better than home-made chocolate cake? After some debate we decided the toppings were carrots, maybe for Easter? They tasted delicious no matter what they were.


Hopefully I’ll find time to write a bit more for fun soon.




21 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – week 9”

  1. So beautiful, we live next to a farm and I love lambing season, it is lovely watching all the lambs built their confidence and grow x


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