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C25K week 6, day 3 – the ‘have the planets aligned?’ run.

IMG_3070Workout: 5 min warm-up, 22 min run, 5 min cool down.

Motivation: No sleep, no hairband, broken zip and cold – hmm, I fear this won’t end well.

App exercise tip: “Schedule your workouts each week just like you do your doctors appointments.” Hah! If I want to go to my doctors I have to ring up dead on 8am of the morning I am poorly and normally all the appointments have already gone and they can fit me in three weeks from Thursday. Surely, I shouldn’t do the same with exercise?

For me to be able to run well, conditions have to be pretty close to perfect. I need to be well rested, appropriately dressed, the temperature should not be too cold but not overly warm either, I should have a cracking playlist at the ready, ideally someone fit running on the treadmill next to me (for inspiration) and all the planets should be aligned. You get the picture.

On this occasion, I’d been up with Freya most of the previous night, the zip on my Tu running jacket, which I’ve only had a few months, broke so I can’t do it up now, I forgot a hairband and the gym was freezing.

Needless to say, when I climbed on that treadmill knowing I had to run for 22 minutes (TWENTY-TWO MINUTES) I didn’t hold out much hope.

But then something happened.

Just as I made it to 10 minutes, I thought: “Hmm, you know what, I actually feel pretty good here” so I carried on and then the next time I looked at my arm it was down to 6 minutes and I thought “Well, I can run six minutes ok.” And suddenly the lady was telling me I had a minute left and do you know what I did? I increased my speed and sprinted to the finish (this might be a slight exaggeration as I wasn’t going very fast in the first place but I did go slightly quicker). I guess those planets must have aligned after all.

I was so pleased with myself after the cool down that if I could have high fived myself, I would have done (would that just be clapping?).

However, as I was having a ride on the exercise bike, I happened to look through week seven (why do I do this?). It appears there are no more walk sections, it’s all run run run from here until 5K. I feel a bit sad. I’ll miss those little rest sections, although maybe it will be good for me, mentally, not to keep waiting for them? That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

#ThisGirlCan…No, Really, This Girl Can 🙂


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