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C25K – free run treat (!?)

It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me I’m free!

As I turned from a quieter side street on to the main road to begin my run, these were the lyrics that Idina Menzel was belting out* – funny, as yesterday I decided rather than stick to the rules of the C25K programme i’d just see what I could do.

I got such a surge of pure happiness when I began. It was early, well, before 8am anyway, a bright morning and I was warmish under no less than five layers but there was hardly a car to be seen on what is a two-lane road normally bumper to bumper with traffic. It was lovely to just have my music on and run without worrying about the fumes or getting run over when I crossed roads.

With the gym closed on Sundays and this the only free time I’d had since Monday to exercise I felt it was too good an opportunity to waste – it makes the programme much harder when you only go once a week instead of the suggested three. I decided, as I struggle running outside at the best of times, just to have a break from the C25K, especially as it was supposed to be a 22 minute run.

I am so pleased I did.

I did more than expected, although less than I had secretly hoped, but it was just so nice to run without looking at my arm to see how long I have left. Sometimes, because it feels like a bit of a slog, I forget that I actually quite like to run (or maybe more the sense of being free, as Idina sings).

Back to the slog on Tuesday, all being well.


* Yes, Let It Go is on my running play list because I am secretly 7 🙂



4 thoughts on “C25K – free run treat (!?)”

  1. Ha ha. If I run it’s a very spontaneous thing and so shuffle has to suffice. Shuffle often throws up Do you want to build a snowman. That’s a real stride breaker!
    So how do you run and sing? Let’s face it, it’s impossible to hear let it go and not belt it out surely?! 😉


    1. I can’t run and breathe, let alone sing! Although, rather embarrassingly, I did find myself thrusting my hands up during Let It Go! Good job it was early. Hehe!


      1. Ha ha, it’s a reflex action. Those let it go arms just have to go. I did the other day and whacked my daughter (accidentally of course) about the head as she walked past. I blame Elsa!


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