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Has social media turned us into grouches or were we always that way?

Can we build a snowman?
Can we build a snowman?

“Yes, we know it’s snowing…yawn,” the comment on my Facebook feed read. It was one of a number that mocked those who dared to be excited about something that doesn’t happen very often in this part of the country (go figure).

I didn’t know it was snowing. The blinds were closed while I attempted to get Freya down for a nap but as soon as I realised I gave up on getting her to sleep – like it was ever going to happen anyway – and held her up at the window.

Erm, what is this?
Erm, what is this?

She was mesmerised.

Pointing, ooking and jumping on the spot. Her first snow. My husband and I were so in her moment that it almost felt like the first time we were seeing it too.

“Let’s get her wrapped up and go out,” he said eagerly.

Pre-Freya I would have looked at him like he had grown two heads (in fact, I wouldn’t as he would never have suggested it in the first place). While I don’t mind watching snow falling while indoors in the warm, preferably under a blanket with a wood burner near by and a good book to hand, going outside is another matter.

That stuff is wet.

In the old days I would have watched for a bit and then picked up my iPad and continued scanning Facebook and Twitter feeds, probably rolling my eyes at people pointing out the obvious: “Yeah, I can see it’s snowing,” I would have sneered.

It's like mud but white.
It’s like mud but white.

This time, we were outside within minutes, giggling like loons as we watched Freya try and work out why the sky was falling. When her nose turned red we felt she had probably had enough. Full of excited energy, I thought I would post a picture and share a moment of joy with family and friends. (And, yeah, that’s another element about social media, over sharing.)

But by then the original anti-people-excited-about-snow comments had gained lots of likes and more comments of a similar nature had appeared. Buzz kill.

In the end I didn’t post any pictures as people were not only “over it already” but also getting grumpier that other people weren’t. What I can’t work out is whether we have always been grouchy and social media just amplifies it or social media is the cause of our grouchiness because other people – especially happy people – can be annoying? These days it seems to be all about the snark whereas I’m sure it wasn’t like that in the heady early days of Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, I’m not upset just thankful, really, that through Freya I get to take enjoyment from the simplest of things again (plus I have a blog that’s all about ME us so I can post the photos here anyway).

Look at my big smile.
Look at my big smile.

12 thoughts on “Has social media turned us into grouches or were we always that way?”

  1. Aaaàh what gorgeous pictures hon! I think you are right about people being such grouches lately and it truly is sad. I think we have an advantage with having little ones as everything always seem so much magical as we get to see it though their eyes!xx


    1. I am so thankful to have that again – not that I really realised it was missing. I’m so pleased you all share in his wonder, including your bigger children. Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂


  2. I totally agree with this! It’s sad that life has become such that people feel the need for out doing each other in their bid for snide/ sarky/ grumpy behaviour! And it does seem to have got worse over the past 18 months or so. It worries me for how are children will be affected, and how their perception of ‘the right way to behave/respond’ could be altered as a result!

    Finishing on a much more positive note, your little girl is utterly adorable!!


    1. That’s such a good point, I hadn’t though about how it will be for our children. In my eyes it started out as such a nice thing – using it to keep in touch with friends and post cat photos 🙂 I wonder if it will ever go back?


  3. Awww lovely pictures, it is amazing that the wonder of children is infectious, and it’s such a good thing, I think I am too grumpy but Boo helps with that, she cheers me up and we can get excited about amazing things such as bubbles, snow, rain, the mirror. So many wonderful discoveries to share!


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