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Sometimes it is the simple things…


When Freya was smaller I took her to lots of activities; baby massage, Bounce and Rhyme, baby yoga, messy play – you name it, we tried it.

In part it was because I needed to get out of the house (plus they were mostly free) but it was also because I panicked in that new mum way that if didn’t do all those things she probably wouldn’t develop properly.

I can’t deny that I enjoyed (and still enjoy) going to most of them, and Freya LOVES being out, but I do look back and think perhaps we did too much – although I am maybe forgetting the utter terror of being left alone, trapped inside, with a screaming baby.

In the early months we were out every day and we were scheduled to the minute, mainly because her feeding issues meant we needed to be home for bottle time, but some times it felt like I was back at work. We were always rushing.

The times I enjoy the most now are the days when we have no plans; when the entire day is spread in front of us without having to be somewhere by a certain time, or having to go food shopping or me having to work (although she is probably pleased about the last one as she gets spoilt by her grandparents).

On those days, we usually end up at a park if the weather is not too bad. I count myself extremely fortunate that we have three almost within walking distance which are all clean, well-kept and friendly.

Because she wants to go everywhere at 100mph she is prone to falling down but it doesn’t matter as much on grass or the bouncy surface of the playground so I take off her reins and just let her lead, which she loves.

And once she is done with the slides, swings and strange little bouncy horse/lion thingie she is obsessed with, she just explores. Sand, dirt, grass, water (thankfully no dog poop) become her toys.

While we will still go to classes, enjoying the simple things is actually what I want to make sure is on the schedule.

Did you try and fit in too much when your baby was younger? What do you wish you had done more or less of?



2 thoughts on “Sometimes it is the simple things…”

  1. It sounds like you get up to so many wonderful things with you gorgeous little girl. It’s lovely that she get to explore things, you’re such a good mom! We don’t get out all that much as if the weather is bad no matter how wrapped up Holly is she still gets all chesty. Our main day for doing something it Thursday when we get to go to toddler yoga which she really enjoys. To make up for being housebound we play lots of indoor games, draw and she gets let loose for the walk home from school.


    1. Not as much as I would like, there always seems to be other things that need doing. I always seem to be rushing around. Poor Holly but it sounds like you have lots of indoor fun anyway. I don’t know how you manage with two! Super mum 🙂

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