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Something for the weekend – January 9

It’s back! My weekly recap of some of the things that have captured my attention via social media.

The latter half of the week has been dominated by the horrendous events in Paris and the response to it. What happened in the aftermath reminded me of this Tweet from back in December.


I think this editorial from today’s Guardian is spot on. Their stance is “show solidarity but in your own voice”.

The real clash is between free speech and a tiny number of jihadist murderers. We do not have to alter our editorial values to be on the right side of that divide.

Earlier in the week, Heather at Raising Dystonia had me in tears with How I Came To Love Winter. It’s a beautiful post. You need to read it all to get the full sense of what she is saying. I’ve highlighted her words before and think she is such a talented writer.

Next up, If you read blogs you will probably have already seen this from Steph at Littlee and Bean who wrote Feminism and wanting more from mummy blogging. With a New Year upon us I have been thinking about my priorities for the coming year. I have been blogging a bit more lately because I have had more time over the festive season and I have really enjoyed it. I’ve loved connecting with new people as well as just writing whatever I feel like but it soon became clear to me the type of posts (in subject and construction) that get the most attention.

And as Steph wrote:

Are we blogging in a particular way because we want to, or because we’ve internalised the messages that women should look, sound like, and be interested in certain things? The message being filtered down through the mummy blogging hierarchy (yes, there is one) is clear – success means conforming to a certain look, writing style and set of interests. We’re being encouraged to photo-shop our identities as well as our photos.

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to write for a living but writing is also a hobby and blogging Is an outlet for that hobby. Reading Steph’s post helped me clarify that in this space I want to use to write what I want, when I want and about whatever subject takes my fancy and not worry about stats or popularity. I was really in two minds about publishing a silly blog I wrote very early one morning this week but decided I shouldn’t be censoring myself. If I’m feeling silly I will write that silliness, the same for it I’m happy, sad, angry or anything in between.

And finally, A Home of One’s Own by Lucas James has a trigger warning attached to it but it is such a powerful read.

I have some cash at home,  my ‘running away money’ – so that if … when I need it, I can grab it and go.  Up until a couple of years ago I had a bag too, with some underwear and a toothbrush, bottled water and a raincoat.

New for New Year, I’m attempting to update my Blogs I Love section and planning on adding new ones each week. Please check out:

23 Week Socks – A part time NICU nurse, a full time mummy (who suffered from ante natal depression) and the balance between them both. Some of her stories are heartbreaking but they are beautifully written with such compassion and give insight to what it’s like from the professional side.

Scars, Tears and Training Bras – Dating After Breast Cancer Surgery. I feel like I might be living vicariously through this blog. There wasn’t Tinder or What’sApp when I was dating and I’m not sure whether it would have been better or worse but her blog is a fun read with a serious side too.

And, just to end on a brighter note, I love the way these two respond when they get a much longed for puppy. I’m a sucker for a sentimental YouTube video (and also desperately wanted a puppy when I was little).


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