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From now on, every day will be a best day.

Approximately 5,000 wine glasses when no one in the household drinks wine.
Approximately 5,000 wine glasses when no one in the household drinks wine.

Living in a flat we are always short of space, which made me wonder why two cupboards in the kitchen are full of things I never use because I am “saving them for best”.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I occasionally used them but they never see the light of day. This is because:

1. I  can’t work out which event would warrant best stuff v every day stuff.

2. I’m worried about breaking them – it is “The Best Stuff” after all.

3. In the excitement of having people over I forget I even have them.

I’m sure Christmas would have been an ideal occasion, especially as we had family visiting, but I didn’t even glance at the cupboards let alone open them (they are like sacred tombs) – and strangely our food tasted just fine on the every day plates.

If I have learned anything in my 38 years it is that life is short so why am I ‘saving things for best’ when every day should be a best day?

Well, no more.

IMG_2760Should you be in need of approximately 5,000 wine glasses (when none of us drink wine), including some that look like they might be from the 1980s, or 28 mugs (when only one of us drinks tea) then you will now find them at our local charity shop.

All of the good stuff – the crystal glasses we got as a wedding present along with the posh knives and forks which have been living in a wooden box on top of the kitchen units – is now just every day stuff to be used and enjoyed.

At the back of one of the cupboards I also found what I thought was a gravy boat until my husband pointed out it was in fact a milk jug. Look how clean it is. Never. Been. Used.

The hoarder in me thinks I might live to regret getting rid of the milk jug/gravy boat combo or what if I suddenly host a party where I need a dozen wine glasses (never mind that you couldn’t fit a dozen people in the flat)? But what is done is done.

I’m starting the New Year by living every day as a best day and also downsizing the things I clearly don’t need.

Next up – my clothes. I’m sure there are a few bits from the 1980s in there too along with stuff I am also “saving for best”. Don’t be surprised if you see me running my C25K in a ball gown!

Do you save anything for best? When do you use them?


5 thoughts on “From now on, every day will be a best day.”

    1. It’s such a strange thing, when you think about it. I suppose it harks back to when times were much tougher. Not like our throwaway society today. Thanks for commenting x


  1. I used to be like this. Not wanting to use something new, keeping it for just the right moment. But as life gets busier with your little one, that time won’t come for many years, and if you are like me, will start ditching stuff when the time comes around as you are sick of all the clutter. Use it!!! Spoil yourself and use all that lovely stuff, and if it breaks….. it doesn’t matter. It could have been broken laying in the cupboard under another storage box.Best wishes for a Happy new year, Tara!!!


    1. Thanks Amanda, happy New Year to you too. I was pondering where the notion of keeping things for best comes from. I know about Sunday Best and the ‘bottom drawer’ so maybe it’s a merging of the two from tougher times?


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