Things that make me angry

The NHS (Part II) – losing the will…

nhs-englandAfter all the initial rigmarole of trying to get Freya an appointment with a gastro specialist, which you can read about here, the hospital finally called today – my Christmas wish has been answered, or so I thought.

We made the appointment for February 13 and I happened to ask who the consultant was (so I could Google him or her later) and she named the person who set all of this in motion, the one who told us we needed to see a gastro specialist in the first place and who is, in fact, not a gastro specialist himself. We are actually Right. Back. Where. We. Started.

This would be funny if there wasn’t a toddler in pain at the end of it.

I explained this to the woman but clearly all she has been asked to do is make the appointment. She said that the gastro specialists have referred it back. Her suggestion was that I ring the consultant’s secretary and see if he does actually want to see us. This seems pointless as he admitted he didn’t know what was wrong last time.

And so the count for the number of people it has taken to make one appointment now stands at nine. And we are no closer to getting help.


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