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“You can buy those for £1 in the 99p Shop” and other Facebook selling annoyances.

Photo by Maria Elena via Flickr.
Photo by Maria Elena via Flickr.

I’ve been getting rid of a few of Freya’s old things via Facebook selling pages in a bid to make some space (and a little extra cash).

It’s been an emotional process; partly because they are things that have precious memories attached but mostly because of the behaviour of some of the other buyers and sellers which not only leaves me bewildered but also consumed by a strange sort of rage.

From forgetting manners and butting in on sales to not collecting items when arranged and the weekly public haranguing of one poor soul for allegedly selling overpriced goods based on some sketchy evidence at best. Maybe it’s because of lack of sleep or perhaps I’m just getting old and curmudgeonly but it makes me furious.

The trouble is, I can’t seem to look away so instead I’ve come up with a list of 10 things that annoy me (I know, I need to get out more).

1. Sellers. When you post, make sure you include all the details such as price, condition, size (depending on what it is) roughly where you are (normally a postcode), pet/smoke free home, whether you can deliver or it’s collection only etc. Putting “Bath seat for sale” or just posting a picture of the item is asking for trouble.

2. Buyers. Read the post and then read it again. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people ask “how much?” (Or “hm?” For those who think whole words are a waste), “where are you?” and “can you deliver?” when all of those details are covered in the original post.

3. Sellers. Please don’t put “need gone”. Obviously you want to sell it. And I’m pretty sure everyone on there is hoping for a quick sale.

4. Buyers. Remember your manners. Please and thank you go a long way. There have been a number occasions when someone has asked whether anyone wants an item for free and the first commenter has just put: “Me! x” The kiss on the end is nice but a please would be better.

5. Sellers. If you put “open to offers” someone will offer you 50p even if you are selling a BMW – and especially if you also put “haven’t done any research so don’t know what this is worth”. It really doesn’t take long to Google the item or even see what they are going for on eBay.

6. Buyers. Often people just include a postcode in terms of location. It’s fine to ask for a more exact address but if they name a place don’t then ask “where is that?” A simple Google map search will show you and if you add in directions it will also tell you how far it is from your house.

7. Sellers. Let’s talk photos. You are generally going to need to post photos if you want things to sell (and if you don’t people just ask you for them anyway). Place your item near a window and do some snaps on your phone. They don’t need to be award winning but at the same time dark and blurry won’t attract people to what you’re selling.

8. Buyers. If you don’t want it, don’t comment. The amount of people who comment who have no intention of buying is astonishing. I saw one post where someone had put: “You can buy those for £1 in the 99p Shop.” Yes, really. As if that wasn’t enough, it also turned out to be a completely different item that was for sale.

9. Sellers. Make a bit of an effort. If what you are selling has been sat in your garage for months and is dirty, give it a clean. Maybe you do just “need gone” but would you buy something covered in dirt and cobwebs for your child?

10. Buyers. If you agree to buy something and arrange a time to collect, please go and get it. If something comes up which prevents you from collecting, let the other person know. Or if you’ve had a change of heart about buying it, at least tell them so they can offer it to the next person.

There you have it. Has anyone else had experience of Facebook selling? How have you found it?


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