Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend…

Here we are again, my weekly roundup of some of the things that have caught my eye via social media this week. It’s a short one as I’ve been busy interviewing and writing some interesting stories for work.

What I have been reading: 
I must say, I’m slightly baffled as to why the shops in the UK are holding Black Friday sales. I mean, I know why (money, money, money) but it is so obviously connected to Thanksgiving in the US, surely it would be like them having Boxing Day sales? On that note, Emma at Mummy Emu has blogged about No Spend Day 2014, which is tomorrow. She writes:
Shopping in itself is not bad it’s how we shop as consumers and how this has an effect on our environment and our bank accounts too.
Emma challenged her family to buy nothing new for a month in the summer, which I imagine was quite tough. Please check out her blog for the full story.
On a completely different subject, I’ve read a lot of news stories and blogs about the events in Ferguson and the wider issues around it. I was particularly interested in this powerful post by Heather at Dooce, which includes a reading list for anyone wanting to better educate themselves. She writes:
It challenges some of the ways I have been taught to deal with racism. Please read the whole post.
What I have been watching:
On a lighter note, even before I was a mum I used to love watching Momversation, where many of my favourite American bloggers would vlog about a particular issue. Now many of my favourite UK-based bloggers have set up Mum Talk TV on YouTube, which launched this week. They are all so good on camera and some of the posts so far have been very funny. I’m looking forward to seeing more.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

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