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C25K week 2, day 3 – The “that moment when…” run

Frozen. But not like in the happy musical sense.

Workout: 90/2 mins plus 5 minute warm up and cool down.

Weather: 3C and freezing fog. I was seriously wearing every bit of sports clothing I owned.

Worst moment: Getting two thirds of the way through the run and realising I had forgotten to move the app forward so was repeating the last run (argh).

Best moment: Realising it doesn’t really matter because I’m exercising and that’s the main thing.

Comments from the public: One man (and his dog) said: “You must be crazy.” I assumed he meant to be out in the cold rather than for exercising or as a  comment on my general state.

Yes, that’s right. I accidentally repeated the last workout. Doh! I was so pleased with myself for going as well. Freya had been up most of the night, it was freeeeeezing (I know some of you live in actual cold countries where 3C is summer but I am a wuss) and I interviewed someone immediately before and it ran over (because they had such an interesting story) so I was about 45mins later than I had planned to be.

The thing is, I had actually looked at the workout at the end of my last session and had been worrying about the fact there was a three minute run in the days since. I was panicking about whether I would be able to do it or not, especially as my workouts haven’t been very regular. Today, I kept waiting for it and waiting for it and then it got so far into the workout that I convinced myself that I must have already done it but not realised (because I am so fit and running is a breeze. Not).  Argh. I was really cross with myself (I might have actually been muttering aloud) until I realised that, actually, it doesn’t really matter. The whole point is I am exercising again and whether it takes 8 weeks or 18 weeks I will get there in the end. Plus there isn’t anything I could do about it anyway. Going with the Frozen theme (have I mentioned it was cold) I Let It Go….:)

Note to self: Always check the app is on the right day before you start.


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