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C25k, week 2, day 3 – the Just Do It run.

Wet leaf
Slippery when wet…

Workout: 90/2mins plus 5 min warm up and cool down.

Weather: About 10c but felt warmer. Raining on and off.

Worst part: Coming in and accidentally waking my daughter who had just gone down for a nap.

Best bit: Bumping into a group of three women runners who all said hello or good morning. How are they running and holding a conversation?

Times wanted to stop: Twice, before I started and after the first run.

Comment: Wet leaves are slippery.

Joan was being very bossy this morning insisting that I shouldn’t bother running because “it will probably snow soon and then you won’t be able to get out” (Unlikely) and “you’ll just make your cold worse by running in the rain.” (Possibly).

Luckily, as soon as I selected the music option one of my power songs came on and my mood was immediately lifted, isn’t it wonderful how music has the power to alter our emotions in so many different ways?

My power song, which I can select if I need an oomph, is a little bit embarrassing but as there is only a few of you reading I don’t mind sharing that’s it’s currently Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor.

I’ve never seen the video for it before, I just know it from Rocky III, and my first thought was “Wow, I wish I looked that good in jeans”. Apparently, they were asked to write it by Sylvester Stallone who couldn’t get Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust for the film. I personally think it was the better choice.

My power songs change every now and then. I’ve had:
Breathe – by the Prodigy (I thought this would a good reminder but it made me quite angry and I ran too fast and ironically got out of breath).
Jump On It – by Fame and Chizz (not a great beat to run to but makes me smile every time).
Survivor – by Destiny’s Child (again made me a bit angry and likely to attack passing men).
I’m Always Here (Theme from Baywatch) – by Jimi Jamison.

I think I might still be living in the 1980s for the most part!

Have you got a power song? (It doesn’t have to be for running to.) Is it an embarrassing as mine? If you tell me your song I will share my eclectic running playlist next time 🙂



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