Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend…

Here is my weekly roundup of some of the things I’ve enjoyed via the internet this week.

What I’ve been reading:

I found myself agreeing with every word in this column by Bryony Gordon in the Telegraph, which a friend had shared on Facebook, about the latest Band Aid single. I wish I could cut and paste the entire thing but here is a taster:

Nobody wants a world full of Ebola, but nor do I want a world full of Malaria and HIV and Tuberculosis and numerous other diseases – not to mention conditions such as hunger and poverty – that are destroying the lives of many millions of Africans every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I think people, no matter how much they have or don’t have, should be willing to help others; it’s an essential part of human nature. On this occasion, I think Sir Bob is the wrong person to be leading the charge and has picked the wrong vehicle to drive. Please read the column.

Next up, I only get to dip in to the weekend papers now I have a lively toddler about the place but this story from The Observer “I carried his name on my body for nine years’: the tattooed trafficking survivors reclaiming their past” grabbed my attention.

“A year and a half ago she was, in her own words, exhausted, starved, addicted and barely alive. Amid the horror of her existence, she put a noose around her neck in an attempt to end her life. The rope broke and she survived. Yet although she managed to escape the streets into sobriety and recovery, those tattoos remained.”

For something a little lighter this post about a first visit from the tooth fairy by The Truth About T made me chuckle. I won’t spoil it by posting the ending but it’s a delightful read.

What I have been watching.

This video came via @nerdalist on Twitter. I’m not a huge fan of metal, although my husband is, but I do like the odd Metallica song, although I’ve never heard one quite like this before!

Have a great weekend.


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