C25k, week 2, day 2 – The it’s good to talk run.

Running shoes.
Photo by m01229 via Flickr.

Workout: 90/2 mins plus 5 min warm up and down.

Weather: 6c (brrrrr) and an odd sort of dull damp day.

Worst part: Feeling self-conscious walking into a garage in my workout gear.

Best part: Enjoying listening to my playlist. I don’t get to listen to music otherwise.

Here is an example of how good my husband and I are at communicating with each other. Our car needed to go in for a service and MOT so I volunteered to take it in and then run/walk home as it’s a good distance away. I got to the garage and tried to hand over the keys but the nice receptionist said: “I’m terribly sorry but we don’t have you booked in today.”
I had asked my husband last night if he was sure he had the right day as normally they call (and wake Freya) to make sure we have remembered but they hadn’t this time. He assured me they had emailed him to confirm.

I called him from back in the car and it turns out it was the right day but wrong garage. Instead of booking it in at the usual garage he had decided to use the one that we can see from our house …only forgot to tell me about it.

“Well that’s going to be a long run,” I joked. All I had to do was cross a road and I would practically be home.
“I thought that when you said about running home,” he said.

For two people who communicate for a living we might need to do some work closer to home!

Anyway, this was not only my first road run rather than the park but I have also been poorly – I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I became ill 10 days after giving up chocolate; it was probably all that was keeping me going.
I was due to run again on Wednesday but was at that achey, hot, coughing stage so gave it a miss, which I was surprised to be really disappointed about. I’ve got a bit of a funny voice but otherwise feel fine now and Dr Google seemed to think it was ok to run if your problems were “above the neck” (I have no idea if this is true or not). I was in two minds whether to start week 2 again today, as it’s been so long since I last ran, but I actually felt good on this run – once I had decided on a new route.

As it was cold I struggled into my old running tights with my joggers over them and had a base layer up top too. I also invested in a running jacket to replace the one that no longer fits while I was at the Sainsbury’s raiding their free from section for Freya so I was the perfect temperature.



2 thoughts on “C25k, week 2, day 2 – The it’s good to talk run.”

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. It feels like I’ve been visited by blogging royalty. I’ve been reading your stories for so long 🙂 I’m pretty sure UK cold can’t be compared to Alaska cold but thank you anyway 🙂


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