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C25K, week 2, day 1 – The ‘is that a mime?’ run

Mime Artist
Photo by Len Radin via Flickr.

Workout: Run for 90 seconds/walk for 2 mins plus five min warm up and warm down.

Weather: Gloriously sunny but still a bit windy.

Film crews interrupted  One. This film apparently involves a mime artist, who was an unexpected and slightly disturbing sight as I rounded a corner in the park.

Mood: Distracted as my husband and child had come with me so I feared bumping into them and then my daughter crying when I ran away from her. Luckily this only happened during the cool down when I could walk with them.

Times wanted to stop: Only at the start.

I had the perfect excuse not to run yesterday. My husband had been away at a wedding overnight which meant I did the entire nightshift watching Freya on my own. Usually he takes first watch and I grab a couple of hours sleep before we pass like ships in the night and I take second shift from the sofa bed. On Sunday night she woke up five times, which was actually a good night, but it still meant that I was pretty tired.

The only trouble with not going is that I am reliant on my lovely mum and dad who come and watch Freya two days a week so that I can “work”. This week they are coming on Wednesday and Thursday so I would have a big break in between runs if I didn’t go today and I wouldn’t be able to fit three in as I observe rest days in between. So I went and I ran and I think the fact that I felt rather proud of myself for going and running made it even better (even though I am hardly running any distance at the moment).

Just a note on rest days. When I first did the C25K programme I was so eager to get through it that I wanted to run every day. I think this would have been a big mistake then and it certainly would be now (even if I could find a baby sitter). Rest days give unfit bodies like mine time to recover and reduce the risk of injury. In the past, to make the most of that enthusiasm, I swam, did strength building exercise or cross training. These days, being 38, I just do what it says on the tin and rest (as much as you can while chasing a lively toddler about). Also, if there is a choice between running two days in a row or having more rest days I would still go with the rest days, just to be on the safe side.



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