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C25K week 1, day 3 – The why did I start this in November? run.

How nice is my park?
How nice is my park?

Workout: 60/90 for 20 mins with 5 min warm up and cool down.

Weather: Windy (I can’t be sure but I think it could have been hurricane strength).

Times lapped by an actual runner: Twice, including once where he seemed to be texting.

Supportive comments from my beloved: “I don’t know why you worry, no one will look at you anyway.” (Thanks!)

Times wanted to stop: Every time I ran into the wind.

I know I should have expected it but it still smarted. My lightweight running jacket, which I bought near the end of my last C25K several years ago, doesn’t fit. It should hardly have come as a surprise, given that nothing else has fit either, but not being able to do it up on a particularly miserable day just made me want to go home and eat, which is what got me into this mess in the first place.

I haven’t weighed myself since about six weeks after Freya was born when my comfort eating started (which coincided with the start of her reflux symptoms) and I don’t plan to – at least not until I can feel I have lost some pounds.

It’s clear that I am bigger than I have ever been, I don’t need a huge figure to confirm that, especially when I fear it could be detrimental to my enthusiasm for running. Will I think that I have such a LONG way to go to get to a healthy weight that it isn’t worth starting? Possibly. It’s not worth the risk.

As part of my fitness bid I have very quietly joined in with NOvember but I’m doing it my way. This first week I have given up chocolate, which for a chocoholic like me who has practically mainlined Diary Milk for a year, is no mean feat. From Sunday I will add biscuits (cry) then cakes (not such a big deal) the following week and ending with crisps (OMG) and hopefully, once the month is up, I will be able to go back to a healthier relationship with naughty snacks (no more than one packet of crisps a day and limit my chocolate intake) while getting more of a taste for healthy snacks. That’s the idea anyway. I’ll be donating the money I have saved to charity rather than asking for sponsorship.

Any tips for healthier snacks, other than raw carrots and raisons, greatly appreciated (not bananas, which are blurgh).



2 thoughts on “C25K week 1, day 3 – The why did I start this in November? run.”

  1. Good for you for sticking with it. The start is the hardest part and I truly believe the more you run the more your body craves those healthy foods. I like keeping small pieces of dark chocolate around and savoring each small bite. I also like frozen grapes (taste like candy) and apple slices with caramel (a little bit goes a long way).


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