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Wicked Wednesday: The Reflux Version.

*Please don’t scroll down if you’re offended by a little bit of gross. I‘ve joined up with Brummy Mummy of 2 for her Wicked Wednesday linky which is where you post “the most realistic or funny or just daft photo you took of every day family life.”

As any reflux mum will tell you, you are asking for trouble the minute you put new or special clothes on either you or your baby. However,  my mum had bought Freya a cute little outfit so I thought I would take a couple of nice pics to make her a little thank you card…

All went well at first….

Until….I got a bit more of an action shot than I bargained for.

Thank you for my lovely outfit, Nan xx
Thank you for my lovely outfit, Nan xx

At least it was the carpet, which survived nine months of reflux thanks to Vanish Stain Spray and the steam cleaner, that got the worst of it.

While I am making light of it here (and it’s taken five months after her daytime reflux subsided to view it with anything but horror), infant reflux can be a soul destroying condition for mums and dads who just want their little one to be happy and well. Unfortunately, it’s not taken seriously by many medical professionals. If you have a moment, please could you sign this e-petition created by a fellow reflux mum? It calls for a complete review of how infant reflux is handled and a raises concerns about new draft proposals for the way babies are treated which could mean thousands are left with painful and distressing symptoms. Thank you.



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