Rant, Things that make me angry

And another thing…

The older I get, the more things seem to make me angry. I am turning into a proper grumpy old woman and seem to have a strong opinion about most things these days. In fact, once I get started I seem to launch into a tirade. The following are a small sample.


If you want to smoke, and you’re an adult, I don’t have any issue with you. It is your choice, you do want you want. What annoys me is the fact I don’t want to smoke, never have, and yet you feel it is ok to breathe your toxic waste on me and, even worse, my baby. Take the bus queue. Yes, I could lose my place and go and stand away from you but why should I? Have a bit of consideration for the majority of people who don’t smoke.

And, speaking of buses, people who play loud music:

I like music as much as the next person. Pop, classical, RnB, rap – maybe not jazz – but what I do not like is hearing your favourite song via your headphones. That tinny rat tat tat feels like it is going to make my ears bleed. Even worse, is when you listen to it on your phone without headphones. I’m sure you love that song and maybe you have had a bad day and need to hear it at that very moment but what makes you think we all want to hear it? It’s not even children most of the time but adults who should know better.

People who ride bikes on the path:

The roads are full of terrible car and van drivers who seem to make a beeline for you on your bike. I get it. You are too frightened to cycle on the road – even when there are cycle paths – as drivers cut you up or try and mow you down. I understand. Now imagine what it feels like if you are a pedestrian pushing a pram and a bike hurtles around a corner almost taking you and your baby out in the process. Not only have I experienced this on several occasions, I’ve also seen it and not just with prams but with mobility scooters, joggers and just people walking. I’m all for greener transport but pavements are for pedestrians.

People who vaguebook on Facebook:

I know, I should have better things to do than stalk social media but I’ve “met” some amazing people via the forums for baby relfux and allergies and their support and advice has been so much help. Among my own friends though, what annoys me most is people who vaguebook. Seriously, if you have something to say, just say it but if you don’t want everyone to know the full story, for goodness sake, keep it to yourself. When you write “That’s it, I’ve had enough” or “I am really going to do it this time” your friends, because they are your friends, are going to ask what the matter is. It’s all very well to say you will inbox them but WHAT IS THE POINT? If you didn’t want people to ask, why write it.


Ok, this is the biggy for me. I simply do not understand how anyone can litter on purpose. If you’re pulling something out of your handbag and, if it’s anything like mine, a stray tissue (or one of the thousand tiny bits of paper you have as shopping lists/memos) accidentally drops out and you fail to notice, fine. If you finish eating some crisps and just chuck the packet on the ground. Not fine. How is it even possible for you to think that is acceptable, especially when there is probably a bin a few feet away?

Right, I must stop there as I can feel my blood pressure sky rocketing. Am I alone in this though? What things make you want to rant?


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