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Katie Hopkins…who cares?

Former reality tv contestant Katie Hopkins says controversial/rude things. That’s a fact. Why she does it, who knows? And to be honest, I’m not bothered enough by her to think about it. In fact, I would be able to live in ignorant bliss of everything she said if it wasn’t for people on Facebook or Twitter doing exactly what she wants and reacting (and, before you say it, I’m reacting to the reaction so it doesn’t count). It’s my opinion, going a bit Evelyn Beatrice Hall here, that she can say what she wants but, not only do I not have to agree with her, I don’t have to listen to it either.

Her latest comments are about kids with allergies. And, to be honest, she has probably just voiced something that many people think. Speaking as a parent of a child who reacts to many things (milk, pear, tomato, broccoli and sometimes even air, as just a sample), I don’t care what she says. Her children are not going to play with mine, so why does it matter to me what she says? Is she a doctor? An allergy specialist? Is she even someone that people listen to? The only good thing about it is that she riles people up so much that they might actually learn something about allergies/intolerances in the process.

Hmm, maybe she is using reverse psychology in everything she says?


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