The second day of the rest of my life…a dream start

Day two of my new life and I already have my first client, which is the perfect start. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that from June I will be writing for Suffolk Magazine, which I am very pleased about. Although I live in Norfolk, Suffolk is my home county and my parents still live there so we go back often. I’ll mainly be writing articles with a green slant and I already have some great content planned but I also pitched one I’m excited about. I just have to get it sorted out and then I will share more.

For now, here is the second part of my introductory A-Z. You can find part one below.

N is for Norwich. A Fine City I now call home. Although I wasn’t born here, I really like the vibrancy of the city centre, even Puppet Man.

O is for Oscar. The name we gave to the baby boy we lost 12 weeks into the pregnancy in 2011 after a diagnosis of anencephaly. My thoughts on pregnancy and parenting after loss is another of the posts to come.

P is for photography. This has been a recent discovery and one I am still enjoying getting to grips with. Luckily my daughter seems to be a very willing subject.

Q is for Quinoa. I still have no idea how you say it but I have heard nothing but good things about this “superfood” and I’m determined to try it in 2014. Recipes to follow.

R is for romance. I have a not so secret yearning to write a romance book. R is also for running, which I discovered I actually quite enjoy a year or so before I fell pregnant.

S is for smiles. Freya smiled at just over a month old and hasn’t stopped since. If we are in a shop and a stranger pays her any attention she will grin at them and they usually say: “Oh, look, I made her smile.” I don’t tell them she smiles at everyone. S is also for sleep. Something I don’t know much about at the moment. This is will be more like a book than one post.

T is for Twitter. It’s a growing addiction which keeps me company in the small hours when Freya is fretful. I’ll regularly be posting a few of my favourite tweets and tweeters. Please follow me if you’d like to be considered for inclusion.

U is for Up. A rather touching film which I watched during a period when it seemed like we might not be able to have children. It had me sobbing at one point. If you have seen it, you’ll know which bit. There are still things I can’t watch without getting upset. You’ve guessed it, post to follow.

V is for vegetarian. I’ve been veggie since I was 13 but recently, as I started weaning my daughter, I’ve been faced with the dilemma of whether to raise her veggie or eating meat until she can choose for herself. Expect a post on this soon.

W is for writing. My first love, my passion. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write, not just as a career but in terms of journaling my problems. I also write monthly letters to Freya to try and capture what she’s up to. I plan to give them to her when she is 18, maybe.

X is for, um, Xiaosaurus (pronounced sheow-SAWR-us). A small, plant-eating dinosaur that lived during the Jurassic period. Xiaosaurus fossils were found in China. Incidentally, my friend Keiron has written a book about dinosaurs.

Y is for you. Would I still blog if no one reads it? Yeah, probably, but the whole point of blogging rather than paper journaling is to connect with other people. So please read, comment and share, if you find something that interests you.

 Z is for zero. Exactly the amount of time I have to finish this post 🙂 Ok, it got a bit harder towards the end. You get the picture though.

If you have got to the end, well done and thank you. Hopefully there are one or two posts coming up that seem interesting to you.


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