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The first day of the rest of my life…or something

It is the day I have been looking forward to but also the one I have been dreading. It is the start of what will be an exciting adventure but also the end of the stability I crave.

Today, I no longer have a regular income for the first time in about 16 years. Let’s just take a moment while I try and breathe again. My maternity leave has come to an end and, after some hiccups with Plan A on the childcare front, we have gone to Plan B, which involves me working from home. This means I have the chance to be there for all of the firsts my daughter will have during these early years but also to continue something I love, writing, now as a freelance journalist and occasional blogger.

Rather than an introductory post, I’ve come up with an A-Z of things about me including examples of some of the content you can expect here in the coming months. Please keep checking back as I find my blogging feet.

Part one – A – M

A is for August.  The month I first met the man I would marry, the month I married him and also when I gave birth to my daughter. It’s handy for remembering anniversaries.

B is for blogging. I admit that I have blogged anonymously before but I’m looking forward to this new incarnation and seeing where it takes me. I also love reading blogs and will be linking a few of my favourites each week. B is also for breastfeeding, something I couldn’t do. Story to follow.

C is for Cambridge. The city I met and then married the aforementioned husband. C is also for counselling, which I underwent after two pregnancy losses. I’ll be talking about my preconceptions about therapy and how wrong I was in an upcoming post.

D is for dairy. At about four months my daughter was “diagnosed” as being allergic to dairy after a frustrating time where the question “And are you a first time mother?” immediately got my hackles up (story on this, for sure). We are now working with a dietician to reintroduce it and I’ll be talking about the trials and tribulations soon.

E is for endometriosis. I only discovered I had it in 2012, which is probably a blessing in some ways.


August 26, 2013
August 26, 2013



F is for Freya. My beautiful daughter who has probably taught me more in seven months about myself than I had learned in the previous 37 years. Of course, a rather mushy post will be coming.

G is for green. As a former environment correspondent and sustainability correspondent, I always tried to practice what I preached. Find out how I still try and live an earth friendly lifestyle, despite having a baby, shortly.

H is for home. While I have travelled far and wide with work, home is definitely where my heart is.

I is for Instagram. I don’t get this at all. If someone could tell me whether I need it in my life or not I’d be grateful. Same goes for Pinterest.

J is for journalism. This has been my career and passion for many years. You can find out more here, if you’re interested.

K is for Kerwhizz. One of the many children’s programmes that makes me cross (and Freya isn’t even old enough to watch tv yet). As if the English language is not complicated enough for children to learn. Also, don’t even get me started on some fairytales. I find myself reading on and then making up alternative endings as I’m not sure what the real ones are supposed to teach children. An angry post about this will be coming very soon.

L is for Lord of the Rings Online. In a previous life I was an online gamer and it was while playing this game that I met my husband. I’m thinking of posting about this, although I’ll ask him first.

M is for money. Having supported myself for a very long time I am struggling to take a back seat now I am a wahm/freelance – a fact I’ll be writing about soon.

Please check back for N-Z.


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